Tips to deal with the Inferiority complex when others poke you for your appearance, voice, etc!

Tips to deal with the Inferiority complex when others poke you for your appearance, voice, etc!

A male follower (Name hidden) asked like this:

I read COUNSELLING of yesterday on Stress Management which ws Amazing & most helpful fr me at present…! I liked d way u explained it wid notable points.. I hv my problem related to talking less with ppl.. i m quite introvert and less social.. I m dng job in …………….. frm ……………M v much thankful to Krsna bcz he ws so merciful towards me.. bt m facing few prblms in my job environment.. actually i talk very less with my team members as they speak lot of unproductive things, non veg jokes, use abusive lang, & all…They drag me into this though i do nt hv interest at all..they ask me all nonsense ques abt girls, adults related contents & dnt knw wht all which make me vry uncomfortable.. i dnt respond still they just make my fun & start laughing.. i feel like ragging smtms.. frm childhood m vry shy kind of person.. open to vry few close ppl n frnds, n do nt socialize much.. also m very underweight skinny(with below average height) , even my voice is vry childlike n not of adult man.. i luk like school going teenager though i m ………..(age) now..& ppl dnt take me seriously rather make fun of whatever i speak… wch causes inferiority complex & less confidence.. out of ……………. teammates 2-3 r nice, who ask me to nt keep quite n dnt b innocent jst respond to others’ naughty questions in sarcastic way & shut their mouth.. bt i cnt do evn dat.. i m jst nt familiar wid dis..smtm i feel to change the team or my company bt ther s no guarantee of getting better ppl.. i hv to face dis everywhr…. i jst feel , had krsna made my body structure mascular(mature) with heavy/deep manly voice, ppl wud hv nt dared mch evn if m less talkative..bcz aftr seeing my body,face & voice only, ppl cm to knw dat i cn be victim. All this s causing me restless n losing my peace of mind..feel like i shd do smthng else like Small business bt i dnt wnt to waste my parents money who spent fr my education to get me good job..

Also m very much interested in lecturer job… bt i hv nt joined that field yet bcz i look like too young & student vl nt take me seriously, treat me easy..though this job is my dream i choosed this present job instead at present… I nt told this to anyone, all vl think m weak & negative minded..evn at home m nt telling all this, m far frm my parents living in another state fr job.. they shd nt b worried bcz of me..pls guide me wht should i do..i feel only u cn help me..extremely sorry for taking ur valuable time fr my vry long msg..pls hide my name if posting.. TQ


You are innocently feeling inferior that is unnecessary though natural for many.

Why? Read further:

You have all the blessings like good family, good education, good marks and good job in a good company.

Do you know many cine actresses who look beautiful in the screen have manly voice? They use dubbing facility and hence we do not know that. Watch their interviews. You can know their real voice.

In this world, everyone will not have all the features perfectly. Many may look beautiful outside, but will be suffering with some diseases or problems physically . Or, they may have some issues in their personal life.

Gandhiji is glorified as the father of nation. Was he having a charming outlook? He was living wearing just a single piece of dhoti around his body.

He was respected for his personality in leading and managing the fight against independence and his life long efforts to reform himself in discipline to become more and more pure.

The so called Super Star of India Rajini Kanth is not fair and he is dark skinned. He is liked by all levels of people for his mannerisms in his movies. Even a child and an elderly person like him.

Some other popular actors had succeeded with many physical ailments. Actor Marlee Matlin was suffering from Hearing Loss. Michael J. Fox had Parkinson’s disease. Lauren Potter and Jamie Brewer had Down Syndrome.

Thomas Alva Edison, who invented hundreds of products had hearing disability when he was slapped for not studying well. He is now in history.

The scientist Henry Cavendish had autism.

Georgia Horsley who was Miss England in the year 2007 had hearing disabilities.

Cliff Bastin a British footballer, had hearing disability.

Some popular leaders of the countries around the globe have very fatty bodies. Are the people fail to respect them for being excessively fatty?

I can give many examples. I will write a separate article about the people with disabilities.

You have everything a person needs.

Being slim or fatty is genetic. There will be a certain percentage of people of slim, fatty, short, very tall, dark, extremely fair, skin diseases, etc., etc.

All types of people are living in this world. They too are managing their lives successfully.

The real problem for a body, according to me, is (1) Visually challenged people and (2) mentally challenged people.

These two are the major disabilities for a man.

Have you seen a visuallylly challenged person? I have talked with many of them. Most of them involve in some jobs like making wire chairs, cots, selling consumer products door to door, or on the street side, trains, bus, etc.

I buy incense sticks, Sambranis, etc from a visually challenged person every month. He comes to my place and sell them. He too has a wife with vision, a girl child of 13-14 years and he is managing his family beautifully.

Are they crying like others?

The REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL DISABILITIES are living with much self confidence. Only the PEOPLE WITH GOOD HEALTH are crying for more and more perfection.

Our parents are generally aged. Do we hate them for their aged outlook?

The society respects anyone who achieves something in life though they are not beautiful in outlook.

So, you have to think of becoming a successful person in life. You should achieve promotions in your present career and become a team leader and then manager.

The same staff will show respect to you.

To come to that position, you should achieve your targets and show yourself an efficient employee who will add profits for the company.

Your achievement figures/ data is the only criteria for your growth in your career.

You forgot an important credit you have. Did they reject you in the interview just because you are skinny, underweight, having child like voice?

They selected you because you have all the required qualifications.

Now, it is the time to prove your eligibility by achieving the targets in time.

If you do so, you will grow in your career.

Man is a social animal. He has to live with the people. The people may not be similar in their character and approach. There will be extremes in their characters. We are in a position to be with them and achieve our goal.

If others speak about your appearance, just smile at them and concentrate in your work. They can’t keep on poking you without any response. Only if we show that we are affected, they get motivation to poke further.

Or, if they do not stop, don’t worry. It is their character. One among them may face challenges in his marriage life. Another may face diseases in future. Another may face some defamation in life. Anything may happen in future to anyone. They are not aware of it now. So, they are involving in such unproductive acts like poking others, speaking adult related things, etc.

Many of them may even involve in offenses with women. These things are existing in almost all the companies and all fields. Only we have to decide not to involve in those unproductive things and be firm in that decision.

When you perform well and grow fast in your career, they will just be watching that as spectators. They can’t do anything against you. They can just poke you. Nothing else. Only your performance will decide your growth.

Though you change your career fearing for these people, you will face a similar trend in the new job also.

You can go to the job of lecturer. But, there too, you should take the poking casually and reject them without giving importance because you will be dealing with college students who will be more playful and less serious.

So, wherever you go, you will have to meet the same types of people who do not realize the pains of others.

And, you do not have any disability to worry about. You are alright in everything and you are worrying for some silly external factors.

So, keep your internal strength intact and smile even when you face negatives and discouragements. Behave as if such things do not affect you. Be serious in your career performance.

In right time, marry a girl and lead a life with boldness. If you are sound in earning, all girls will respect you now a days. So, make your career successful.

God has given good wives with vision even for visually challenged people. They have got their share of blessings though they have some disabilities.

Therefore, you too will get a share of blessings meant for you. It has been decided already. You have to face them with bold approach.

So, count your blessings that many don’t have in this world. Many are struggling without food, education, job, etc. You have everything. Do not spoil these blessings thinking of some petty things that are not going to decide your future.

Just for your reading, THIS POST gives some tips to become fatty.

Hope you are clear now.  All the best.

Author: RAJAN

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