How to lead a disciplined life without offenses?

How to lead a disciplined life without offenses?

The reader asked:

“dear sir, i always get thoughts to commit offenses with opposite gender (editted). how to correct me”


This is the major issue for many.

It seems that it has become habitual.  If you perform the same activity again and again, it becomes a habit.  That is why, I am telling the youth NOT EVEN TO START A HABIT- DO NOT DO EVEN ONCE – any unwanted habits.

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I like to tell you that in my life so far, I HAVE NEVER SLEPT DURING DAY-TIME EVEN ONCE.  Yes, Not even once.  Because, Once I start it, it will become a habit.

There is a principle called  “TWO LINES PRINCIPLE”.  If you like to make a line small without erasing it, you have to draw a bigger line near to that old line.  Now, this line becomes small.

If you find a problem as big, you will forget that problem when you face another big problem.

Similarly, if you find something as the enjoyable thing, that means, you have not come across the most enjoyable things yet.

The same applies here.

You may be thinking that the sense gratification with opposite gender is the real enjoyment. But, you have not tasted the real bliss in being a good devotee under the shelter of Lord.

A frog inside a well will think that the world is of the size of that well only.  It does not know the oceans and the part of earth outside.

Thus, those who are going behind girls/ boys are also like frogs.  They are thinking that real happiness lies in their bodies.  They are also thinking that the temporary pleasures are permanent and are real/ ultimate pleasure.

But, remember that these pleasures are temporary and will never keep you peaceful.  Even while going to bed, they will not get immediate sleep.  Every material pleasure is followed by pain.  This is the nature of the material pleasures.

When we do sinful acts with girls / boys again and again, one bad day, we will be caught and our name will be publicised. Today, he may escape uncaught.  Tomorrow also , he may escape.  But, one day, he will be caught and all his family, friends and the whole town/ world will come to know about his real character.  After that, he can not walk boldly on road.

So, if you like to be bold and free in life, stop such thoughts/ activities from this moment.  Then, you need not fear for anybody.  And, you need not fear for hellish life also after death.

Will you lose anything by quitting these bad habits?  No.  In fact, you will earn more good people; More credibility.

The TWO LINES PRINCIPLE will definitely work out.  When we taste a HIGHER TASTE, all other temporary pleasures will become LOWER TASTES.

So, involve in devotional practices sincerely.  Talk to the devotees in your nearby temple to help you involve in devotion seriously. If you openly speak, they will guide you accordingly. Divert your mind in devotion to Krishna.  Gradually, you will forget mundane thoughts and embrace Krishna.

This will definitely happen.  All the best.

Author: RAJAN

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  1. Hare Krishna Anna Dandavat pranakm thank you very much for sharing jail incident and valuable advice. Only by devotional service we can control our sense and not to.get sinful activities.

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