Protecting ourselves from the disturbances of others & situations!

Protecting ourselves from the disturbances of others & situations!

A Girl Reader (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare krishna prabhu. Sorry , I know this is not even a problem just my mind is making it bigger I have a question- My roommate has different sleep cycle and I m waking up early she at every night don’t let me sleep ok so I know I can talk her and sort out the things but the thing is my mind has started to fear from the sounds she makes every night and my exams are going on I cant sleep. How can I just ignore the situations around me and live peacefully as I am aware about whatever be the situation outside maintain yourself inside but I m not able to do it why”


This issue exists in many people. You are not alone.

For me, if I visit any relative’s house, I can’t sleep in the new place. Since I have been sleeping in a particular atmosphere everyday, change of place affects my sleep.

Whereas many others sleep immediately wherever they go and find even a small place on the floor in a crowdy functions, railway stations, etc.

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Last month, I travelled from Chennai to a Southern City thru Night train in a sleeper coach (Not in an AC Coach as I avoid AC in my home and also everywhere). The fatty person who had been allotted next birth to me started loud snoring “Korr….korr”. He started snoring immediately after the train started. He was snoring till the morning. He somehow woke up exactly at the station he has to unboard.

Throughout the night, I and some others in that compartment could not sleep even a single minute. I should not avoid sleep as per doctor’s advice for me. But, that night went like that. Throughout the next day, I worked usual works including our site service, horoscope service, chanting, offering, worship, etc., with sleepy eyes somehow managing the alertness.

Thus, sometimes this happens for all.

However, your situation is very serious. You are disturbed by the snoring of your room-mate everyday. In this atmosphere, you can’t sleep at all.
Let us now see the right way of Protecting ourselves from the disturbances of others & such situations faced by you!

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There are two options only for you:

(i) Have you seen the families living near the airport and railway stations? There will be the noise of airplane and train moving throughout the night. They are used to sleep in that noisy atmosphere.

Some people are sleeping on the roadside throughout the night daily. No noise can affect their sleep.

Everything is because of the practice. If there is no other way than to sleep in a noisy place, one has to practice his mind and body to sleep in the noisy places. In a few days, the body will adjust with any noisy situation.

(ii) If this is difficult for you, contact your hostel warden and request him/her to allot some other room for you. Since this is a genuine request, you can get anorther room.

In general, we have to learn to live in any situation because we are living in the kaliyuga. There will always be some problems everywhere. So, we can’t avoid or escape from the problems.

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100% peace is not possible in this material world. However, we can still be peaceful if we learn to be just a spectator without attaching with the problems.

Whether you live as a brahmachari for ever (or) sanyasi (or) grahastha, it does not matter. You have to face some difficulties in every ashrama.

No one can live without problems. So, we should learn to live with the problems.

Our pains started even within the womb. With so much of struggles, we came to this world. It continues and will continue till we die.

In every age, we will have to face different types of problems. Protecting ourselves from the disturbances of others & situations requires strengthening of our mind.

We have to insulate ourselves from the severe effects of the problems that come from the external sources by keeping our mind strong.

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If the dam is strong, it will retain water. If it is weak, it will break destroying the surrounding places.

Similarly, if you keep the mind strong, the external situations will not affect you.

If you don’t develop attachments with anyone or anything or any situation, the changes will not affect you.

Fort example, if the son of neighbour fails in the university exams, we are not affected. But, if our son fails in the exams, it becomes a prestige issue for us.

Why? We consider our son as ours and the son of the neighbour as someone not related to us.

So, the attachment alone is the cause for all the problems. Not the situations.

This world will be like this only. We only have to keep our mind strong to protect ourselves from the adverse situations.

Hope you are clear about Protecting ourselves from the disturbances of others & situations!