How to get away from wrong people who are disturbing us?

How to get away from wrong people who are disturbing us?

A follower asked:

“i have one doubt on seeing ur status brother. u  posted one photo with these words “Dont complain about someone not treating you right.  dont blame others for wrong treatment” .

but, sum times we hav to liv wit those persons if we get away frm them they r threatening or teasing us with their own new friends. if they dont have any reason to blame others they r complainig and creating rumours about others discipline. y people are acting lik tis?     wat is the penalty given by lord for people lik tis?  and one more thing how we hav to act for those people words?”


When we expand our wings with control, we will not fall down.  But, as everyone of us like to enjoy everything in this material world and have more friends, we expand our wings widely as if catchng the sky that is impossible, and hence enter into so many unwanted problems.


When we are weak, why should we blame others? 

It is the business of the shop keeper to sell cigarettes.  Just because, cigarettes are freely available, why should we buy it and smoke?

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Just because there are facilities and situations to mingle with so many friends, why should we accept so many friends?

For a normal living, just a few friends are sufficient for us.  Because, if we have more  friends, we will have to spare our time to satisfy them.  If we are busy and unable to spare time for them, they will get angry.  Your whole life will pass just to satisfy your friends.

Another point is, in match box, all sticks may not burn.  one or two may go unburnt.  Similarly, when you have more friends, one or two may be a wrong person.  If you are not able to respond his chat, he will start to abuse you.

Therefore,  have limited friends.  Your parents, brothers and sisters are your real companions.  If you are married, you can add your husband, in laws.  Others are secondary.

Again I say:  Have limited friends.  Also ensure that they are reliable ones.  Better the devotees who believe god. Those who know how to forgive.  Leave all others.

When you have limited friends, you will get more time to take care of your family and hence your family members will like you.

As you asked, some of them may speak ill about you with other friends if you leave them. Let them speak so.  Because, they will speak for a few days or weeks.  When they get another person to tease, they will forget you.  But, you would have gained  more time for your family.

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This is not just advise for others.  I am also following this.  As I have more productive works to perform in work and for the service to the Lord,  I usually do not  have more and more friends.  I have limited friends who are believed to be good.   I respect them.  Mean time, I won’t hesitate to desert them if they act against me.   

So, my advice for you and all is:   “Respect others;  If they act wrong, advise them once;  If they continue to do wrong,  just desert them and be relieved. Nothing is lost.  But, you gain time for productive works”. 

This is the renounced mindset.  Those who have this mindset will never lament for anything.

Be a good friend of God.  He will never deceive you.

Try and tell. Hope you are now clear about How to get away from wrong people who are disturbing us?

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