Everyone of us come across so many problems in our day to day life.  Some times, we are unable to decide on certain important matters. Right decisions can be taken only if we evaluate a problem in a balanced mindset knowing all the pros and cons.  This Popular site Counselling Daily helps in this process of evaluation and decision making related to the problems and earning.


Having a long observation, association & experience with all the sections of people for decades, Rajan, from Tamil nadu, India,  is promoting online media in different platforms including this Popular website that guides lakhs of regular followers to prevent and solve their problems.

He gives complete Counselling and Tips on Medical, Health, Psychological, Women safety, Child safety, Issues in Family Relations, Love, Marriage, Personal life, etc, Online & Offline reading, Investments, etc.!

His services have helped thousands of people to come out of their negative thoughts and to change their way of approaching the problems in their life and hence he is considered as their trusted FRIEND to share the problems and get them counselled. He is also well known to follow strict confidentiality in his counselling services.


Most of the problems in our life arise because of our emotional approach. When we face a tight corner situation, our knowledge usually stops working and we deal with the situation with emotional approach initially.   Hence we take wrong decisions. Only when we face the results of our emotional approach, our intelligence awakens and starts to dominate.

Everyone has some kind of issues in life.  One may have plenty of money, but, he may be suffering with many health issues.  Another one may be a poor man, but, he may have perfect health.  There are many people who have more money, but, have no peace in family.  Many others may be financially weak, but, may lead their life happily.

Thus, there will be problems in every family and everyone’s individual life.


(1) Frustration seeing the trend of this society.

(2) Frustration because of the issues or failures in love relations.

(3) Frustration because of financial instability and losses.

(4) Issues between married couples such as excessive extramarital friendships, excessive spending, excessive emotions, excessive lethargy, etc, by any one among the married couples, and not having children.

(5) Issues related to the behaviour of adolescent children.

(6) Excessive temptations to indulge in sexual violations before or beyond marriage and immoralities.

(7) Issues in the learning capabilities of students.

(8) Issues in dealing with the increasing competitions in studies, job, and not having proper earning, etc.

(9) Issues in spirituality and confusion about which path should be chosen.  Getting associated with a wrong spiritual personality and hence inviting disappointments and oscillations thereby losing the interest in life.

(10) Issues between the parents and the children, generation gap, communication gap, etc.

(11) Issues in the old age and being unable to live with sons or daughters.

(12) Issues in health and suffering with diseases.

(13) Problems in using the electronic devices.

(14) Problems related to cheating in different fields.

(15) Need for the guidance for earning through the different sources.

Thus, there can be so many issues in everyone’s life.

This website is dedicated to help such suffering people.  There will be no issues left in this site unsolved by the site promoter and counsellor Mr.Rajan, who have counselled thousands of people of all ages and status so far.  You can get perfect counselling replies for all kinds of problems existing in life.

Now, another question may arise.  Will the counselling replies given in this site be suitable for all the people who belong to all cultural, religious, and social backgrounds?


Because, the baseline of all the counselling replies in this site will be “showing the way for a peaceful life based on the common things expected from a human being”.  The advice given by the scriptures are customized for today’s life style without liquidating the basic guidelines.

Therefore,  it is sure that you can trust the counselling given in this site and try your best to follow them and lead a peaceful life.  This site does not adopt modernity as it is, but, it beautifully fuses the old good traditions with the needs of modern life style.

In most of the counselling replies, you can see suitable quotes from the scriptures like Bhagavad Gita to authenticate the guidelines given by this site.

Therefore, the advocates of both old traditions and modern life style will be able to accept the counselling given in this website.

This website is also committed to help you to —

(i)  educate about different sources of earnings;

(ii) convert your hobbies into profitable businesses;

(iii) convert your earnings into investments;

(iv) know the ‘how to’ tutorials about different businesses;

In this blog website, you will get clear HOW TO Tutorials on Blogging, SEO, WordPress,  Different Businesses, Tips for Investments, articles on enhancing business consciousness, etc.

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