Do we need tough Exercises and Gyms for health? – Perfect Tips!

Do we need tough Exercises and Gyms for health? – Perfect Tips!

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“hare krishna anna….i am a devotee. … iam the person with gym needed for me…is gym accepatable for devotees….if not, how should we can be healthy…”


If you are in a Job that requires perfect body structure, you may need tough Exercises and Gyms for health.

For example, a military or police personnel or security guard compulsorily needs tough Exercises and Gyms for health because he has to protect the country and has to work physically hard.

A movie actor or an advertisement model compulsorily needs tough Exercises and Gyms for health because their appearance is their qualification.

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A player of outdoor games may need tough Exercises and Gyms for health as he has to play vibrantly.

The above persons have their bodies as their prime investments in career.

Tough Exercises and Gyms for health is not compulsory for others, but, it is a conditional permission to avoid tough Exercises and Gyms for health.

See, our life time is already fixed and we can not extend it. All we do is to keep our health good by giving some physical works to give movements for muscles.

What are the conditions to avoid tough Exercises and Gyms for health?

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Read further:

All these exercises are meant to burn the calories from our body and give sufficient movements for muscles and joints.  No other purpose is solved in these tough Exercises and Gyms for health.

Until 4-5 decades ago, there were no availability of this much of vehicles and instruments.  Therefore, every person gave exercises to his body naturally.  They had many opportunities even in their day to day life to burn their calories. So, they needed no special exercises.


There were no cars or bikes.  The people walked more or drove bicycle that itself is a good exercise for joints and muscles.

There were no mixers and grinders in kitchen.  The women used manual grinders and mixers made up of stones or metals to grind.  This gave good movements and exercise for hands and entire body.

They had no vacuum cleaners.  They cleaned the floor and top manually.  This was a good exercise for hands and waist for them.

They had no washing machines.  So, they washed their clothes manually that was a good exercise for hands and waist.

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They did not use dining tables.  They ate sitting on the floor.  This reduced their food intake and the sitting position was a good exercise for the joints in the legs and waist.

Thus, my sincere advice to all is:

IF YOUR BODY STRUCTURE IS NOT YOUR PRIME REQUIREMENT IN YOUR CAREER, You need not spend for gyms to make you strong and slim.  Just give opportunities for your body parts to move and hence burn the calories.  This will make your muscles and joints strong.

I walk atleast three kms every day as I do not use vehicles. I have a cycle that I use only if I have to go to any place urgently. Otherwise, I walk for the distance upto 2 kms. For long distance, I use Public transports.  I do not use vaccum cleaners or wasing machines. I have an old washing machine (that was gifted to me by brother) and I use it only when I am not well, say, once or twice a month. Other days, I wash my clothes with hands daily.   This gives my muscles and joints sufficient work.  I do not use air conditioning, but allows my sweat freely that is a natural cleansing and thermal balance technique followed by our body.


If you are underweight, eat more proteinous foods and also start to perform all your works manually as I do.  If you eat more and do not do sufficient manual works, you will become overweight with a giant belly that causes the increase of cholesterol and hence issues in heart, kidneys, blood pressure, etc.

Eat nuts, grains like wheat, Raggi, more. Have sufficient milk, curd and  ghee.

After taking ghee and other foods, you should give sufficient physical work for your body.  You need not do any works exclusively alloting time to burn calories.  Just perform all your day to day works manually.  Do not use vehicles for shorter distances and walk to those places or use bicycles. Walk atleast 2-3 kms every day.  Wash your clothes manually.  Clean the floor manually.  Do any works that give sufficient movements for your muscles and joints.

I have seen many guys and women who take their bikes/ scooters even for 200 metres distance to buy anything, but do walking practice in the early morning on road or parks.  Why do they waste their time of about 30-40 minutes for walking if the avoid vehicles for nearby places? They can use vehicles only for urgent assignments. But, they avoid physical works, but spend more time to walking alone. What an ignorance on their part!


This will keep your body perfecct in both size and health.  No need to spend valuable time and money for gyms.

So, my point is that normal persons for whom the body structure is not their prime requirement in earning, normal household physical works alone will keep them healthy.

Particularly, if your job is sedandary in nature (IT Jobs, Clerical, and other sitting jobs), you should compulsorily walk atleast 3 kms every day and do all the manual works using your body.

Devotion requires your athma to be cultivated. So, you need regular recommended devotional practices as the Gym for athma (Soul).

So, follow devotion that calms down your mind, do all your household physical works, walk as much as possible.  This will give you a good feeling of life. If you live so, do not need Exercises and Gyms for health.

Hope you understood my points.


Author: RAJAN

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