If you have your actual date, time and place of birth, you should use our Horoscope Predictions service only instead of Private Counselling, to get the better advice customized for you by me (RAJAN), the admin of this site! It will be the best fitting advice because I advice based on your horoscope.

Only If you are not sure about your exact date, time and place of birth, you can use this facility of Private Counselling from me (RAJAN) without horoscope!


We can’t expect that all the readers of this site will have their birth details clearly! So, they can get counselling for their private issues through this Private Counselling.

Many Readers send me the questions for counselling/ advice with a request to reply privately.

As a normal human body made up of flesh, I may not be able to work more than  8-10 hrs daily for the  activities related to brain and typing after which the efficiency may come down! So, I have to earn for my living within these 8-10 hrs.

In case I spend all these 8-10 hours for free service by privately replying the queries of the Readers, I will end up with nothing to lead my life.

So, this Private Counselling can be used by you to get a detailed Private Reply for ANY of your Personal and Professional Problems if you find it difficult to decide in a proper way.

As an experienced Counsellor, I (Rajan) will send you a reply with suggestions to follow that do not violate the ethics and dharma.

I am giving this service to show the right path to you WITH THE GUARANTEE OF FULL PRIVACY & SECRECY FOR THE DETAILS YOU SHARE WITH ME.

You can approach me for counselling related to the following issues:

(1) Marital issues because of ego, money, immoralities, doubts, sexual inequalities, etc.

(2) Issues on health including private issues.

(3) Issues in career / business / investments decision making.

(4) Issues in developing the child and dealing with your children’s activities that disturb you!

(5) Issues in Spirituality.

(6) Physical and mental Issues of adolescent/ teen age.

(7) Issues of Old age.

(8) Issues related to your past sinful activities that is disturbing you.

(9)  Issues in Love affairs.

(10) Any other issues related to relations, career and of private nature that can’t be discussed in a public forum.

You have read the counselling in our site.  They are Public counselling. I will send you a similar size of reply to you privately customizing the solutions according to your situation.

After getting your question for counselling, I will send you one or two questions (Only if needed) to get more clarity.

Then, a suitable reply will be sent to you within 4 days in queue through mail id given to you!  It will be intimated to you through mail.


Rs.1800 (USD 40 for Readers from outside India) for a single question to get the detailed reply!

You can send your question for Private Counselling to the mail id:
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