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without disclosing my name please shall u solve my query…my parents want me to marry with a person who is all Gud in behavior but he is non-vegetarian and I m pure vegetarian…and I firmly said my parents that I couldn’t marry with a non vegetarian… I don’t want to hurt them.. m totally in dilemma what to do..?please show me a way…


The marriage life between a vegetarian and non vegetarian will be normal only if any one of them changes his/ her food habits.

They should compulsorily discuss before marriage about this matter and come to an understanding.

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The marriage life, in general, requires many sacrifices to make it happy and meaningful.

Before marriage, the boys and girls would have lived a life without much responsibilities.

Same kind of free life can not be expected after marriage.

The marriage life will be packed with the responsibilities towards spouse, children, parents, home, etc.

To manage all these responsibilities, the family should be peaceful without misunderstandings.

If the husband and wife have totally contrary preferences in their life that affects each other, there can be no peace in the family.

Therefore, either husband should adjust with the life style of wife, or, the wife should adjust for her husband.

In your case, the contradiction is the food habit itself that is the day to day issue.

There are two types in non vegetarians.

Some persons eat non veg only occasionally, ie, once a month or fortnight or week.

Some others are addicted to non veg, ie, they should have meat or atleast egg in their daily diet. If not, they will get angry.

The first case, ie, occasional meat eaters will find quitting the meat easy.  Whereas, the second case will never quit it in this birth.

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You have to find out to which case your proposing boy belongs to.

If he belongs to the first case, he will agree for quitting the meat for the wife, if he honours the preferences of his wife.

If he truly loves and likes to marry you, he will agree to quit his occasional meat eating.

If he is an addict to meat eating, he will not marry you at all, if you are a vegetarian and do not like to cook and eat meat along with him.

Since you have written that he is a good guy otherwise, I think that he will agree to quit meat eating.  Therefore, discuss with him before fixing the marriage.

Make it a clear condition with kind words.  If he agrees, marry him.

If he does not agree, you have two choices:

(1) You too should start to eat meat.

(2) You should say NO to that boy.

If you are in devotion and have a principle of no meat eating, definitely you will not agree to start meat eating for that boy.

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Therefore, if he does not agree to quit meat, say SORRY and forget him.

You may ask whether you can just cook meat for him without myself eating meat.

This is ok only if you married him without knowing  that he is a non vegetarian.  Now, you know well that he is a meat eater even before fixing the marriage.  Therefore, it is not advisable to marry him knowing that he is a non vegetarian.

Since eating is the important part of one’s life, having this contradiction may affect the understanding between you and him after marriage.

Therefore, act as advised by me above.  If he does not agree, that means, he is not ready to sacrifice the meat for you.  That means, meat is more preferable for him than you.

You will get many boys to consider from vegetarians. Try for that.

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