I have disabled the CONTACT FORM that was given in this page since the year 2017, because some persons do not mention their REAL mail id in Contact Form that makes my replying to them gives many failures of sending the mails. My time is valuable and hence I like to attend only the serious and genuine mails!

Only the Spiritual & Social Counselling is free. Do you wish to use Any of our Paid Services OR to support this Site Service?  Just mail to me by mentioning the SUBJECT as HOROSCOPE SERVICE or TO GET PRIVATE COUNSELLING or TO RELEASE AD IN OUR SITE or TO DONATE or the actual subject matter to:

Do you have any  Counselling Questions or suggestions or Views? Just mail to me by mentioning the SUBJECT as FREE COUNSELLING to:


Write Positive  and Negative views and Counselling Questions through the mail id given above.

Counselling for PERSONAL Questions related to your personal/ family issues have to be paid to get PRIVATE COUNSELLING as explained HERE.

Spiritual Counselling are always FREE and you may ask one question every two months.

For Paid Services, we will reply you to the mail id you used to contact us, IF required. So, use an active  e-mail id that you are using regularly.

If there is no mail reply from me within 3 days for a free Spiritual Counselling question, that means,

(i) that question is NOT fit for a reply (or)

(ii) it has been filed to be replied either in this site or in our another site   in queue in the sequence of its receipt (or)

(iii) Similar questions might have been already replied in the site. So, search the posts in our SEARCH option in these sites by typing the question/ keyword.  It is a good practice to ask a question for counselling ONLY AFTER checking whether similar question has been already answered in the above two sites using the SEARCH BOXES or LINKS OF POSTS given in the sites.

Considering the busy schedule of the admin, please send only the essential communications and questions!

Thanks for contacting us.

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