My parents behave indecently and my father misuse my mobile. What to do?

My parents behave indecently and my father misuse my mobile. What to do?

An pitiful girl asked like this (Name hidden):

Prabhuji ….my father is very attached with ……… n material desire. Bt i don’t like this. I feel very ashamed to go another room bcz my father very often see ugly things. when my mom n dad sleep together i feel very hesitated to go another room for some need bcz they mingle in open room i told my mother once breaking the shame, bt my mother don’t listen my word.

I can’t tolerate this what to do prabhuji …my father see ugly things in my old phone which is now i give him …bt he don’t know how to keep this privacy that’s why when i need to use that phone i feel very uncomfortable

How to deal with him how to tolerate this pls tell me how to stay calm in this situation???


I feel very sorry treating you like my daughter. You are in a very embracing situation that no daughter would like to face.

Your parents seem to be indecent or ignorant in their activities. Having a girl child, they should be very careful in their personal life.

In general, the daughters take their parents, particularly the mothers as their role models. If they themselves behave indecently, how can they expect their children grow with good manners?

If it is the case of some other girls, they would have diverted to a wrong path. But, you are feeling for the bad acts of your parents. This shows your decisiveness in remaining a principled person. I appreciate you for this good mindset.

I like to give some encouragements in this matter:

In many families, the sons or daughters are facing different kinds of unwanted situations.

Some children are disturbed with the drunken father fighting with mother every day.

Some children are disturbed seeing the sorrowful situation of the family because of the debts they have.

Some children are disturbed with the parent deviating from the discipline.

A small section of girls are very much affected by the indecent behavior of father himself.

Thus, every son or daughter is facing some kind of unwanted atmosphere in their home.

In your case, the indecent behavior of parents.

Seeing ugly things in the mobile  phone of a daughter even without deleting the history and caches, is a highly indecent act. When the daughter opens the browser, it may show the last seen pages, Or, if she types some other addresses, the browser will show the list of addresses that start with the letter typed by the daughter. This will be highly embracing to the daughter and she too may have too forcibly see such ugly craps.

Yes, your father is very foolish or ignorant.

Not only you, many children have accidentally watched such acts of parents if they have small house and the child wakes up to pass urine or for some other reasons. This affects the image of the parents in the minds of those children.

Ok, let it be.

Somehow or other, you have seen these nonsense. Now, such things are not new to you. You have learnt how not to be indecent from the behavior of your parents.

When they are in good mood, just threaten them that you too will go on wrong route if they behave so publicly.

If your father has a sister, politely explain your situation to her and request her to advise your father to  avoid misusing any device. Hereafter, don’t give your phone to your father or disable internet in that device. Buy a wifi modem and use net using the wifi from your device and then switch off the wife. Or, make a strong password for opening your mobile phone.

Ask the sister of your mother or any other influencial women who has a positive mindset, to advise your mother to be very careful in behaving with your father.

Or, call a counsellor to your home and make him to counsel your father for addiction.

Watching such craps will make a person behave very indecently with any women. It may go even up to disturbing the daughter. So, he must stop it.

Since you are a grown up girl, see if there is a good boy among your relatives and marry him earlier and leave your house. This is the best alternative if you are above 18. You lead a decent life and let your parents get reformed seeing your way of life.

Till these things are done, patiently bear these nonsenses.

Pray to God to relieve you soon from this situation.

Let me too pray for you.

All the best.

Author: RAJAN

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