Hesitating to marry seeing Deterioration of Girls & Boys! Solutions!

Hesitating to marry seeing Deterioration of Girls & Boys! Solutions!

A male follower (Name hidden) asked like this:

“ I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share my thoughts with you and seek your guidance as I am feeling quite troubled. As someone who hails from an Iyer-Brahmin family, I strongly believe in the importance of the Guru Parampara and dharmic values. While I am only 21 and not yet looking to get married, I have a strong desire to marry a Brahmin girl who shares my values.

However, as I go about my daily life, both at work and on social media, I have noticed a concerning trend. The decorum and moral values of the……………. girls seem to have deteriorated drastically. In particular, I have noticed this trend among ………………… girls. While they are undoubtedly smart, they do not seem to be ethically bound. Many of them are in relationships with boys of other castes and are open to partying, pubs, and casual s…x.

This troubles me deeply, and I cannot help but feel frustrated and afraid about what the future holds. It seems like there is no guarantee of a girl’s purity or virginity anymore, which is deeply concerning to me. Am I the only one who feels this way? I feel lost and unsure of what to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I appreciate any guidance or words of wisdom you can offer me during this difficult time.”


You are talking only about the deteriorating Girls! Why did you forget deteriorating boys?

Both the communities are deteriorating in their standards.

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But, we should not GENERALIZE this view because there are many good girls and boys who shy to violate.

Negatives attract us more than the positives.

If a person is walking with full clothes, it won’t cause any impact;

If a person is walking half naked, it causes impact with all the people.

If a person gives life to another, it is not hot news.

But, if a person kills another, it becomes hot news.

When the negatives increase in a society, it appears as if the whole world has become negative.

But, it is not so.

Of course, in this kaliyuga, immoralities have increased remarkably.

But, still there are boys and girls who like to lead a clean life with principles.

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All the women do not like to lead an indecent life. There are many women who are very strict NOT TO expose their body beyond the decency limits and also to violate.

In a society, there will always be a mix of both good people and pretenders.

Only the pretenders and violators attract our attention.

You have mentioned about the deterioration of Brahmin community.

Yes, it is a cause for worry. Brahmins should have higher thoughts about knowing the Brahmam and the Creator.

But, most of the brahmanas have started to work in companies or govt and earn.

The brahmanas are expected to follow sense control similar to the regulations fixed by srila Prabhupada (founder of ISKCON movement) for the brahmana initiated devotees.

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But, most of the brahmanas do not even know that such regulations exist.

Nowadays, only a minimum number of brahmanas follow some rules.

However, still principled boys and girls exist in all the communities including brahmana community.

In this kaliyuga, it is not wise to marry unknown people.

So, my advice to you is: Look for a girl from among your relatives, friends, neighbours, temple sathsanghas, etc, who follow strict principles.

You can get a good and principled girl to marry from known sources.

Above all, your karma plays major role here. If you are destined to marry a principled girl, you can get one such a girl. It reflects in your horoscope.

So, find a girl from known sources. You can get one.

Hope you are now clear about Hesitating to marry seeing Deterioration of Girls & Boys!

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