Problems are Boons – A True Story

Problems are Boons – A True Story

There is a Popular Oil Brand in India called IDHAYAM Gingely Oil.

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Idhayam Oil’s President VR Muthu had posted in his Social media:

“We should pay respect to whoever causes us trouble”

Let me give you an example.

Thirty years ago we got a notice from Sales Tax.

The Sales Tax Officer said, “You are taxing oil only. You are not taxing the vessel. Even so, you have to pay tax on the vessel as you have taxed oil for the last three years. Since you have not paid that tax for vessels for three years, you have to pay one and a half crore rupees now,”

My father could not sleep that night after seeing this bill.

What he regrets is that the total income earned by doing business for 40 years is one and a half crore;

He was saddened that the Sales Tax Department was going to confiscate the entire property with just one notice.

This was our situation thirty years ago.

Then I took two steps to do something.

I researched what we have done wrong, we have not been able to pay even one and a half crores of rupees after earning for these 40 years.

So far we have been doing business with 1% loss and 1% profit. After knowing this I decided that I will trade only at 3% profit.

The second step is that we achieve success in this court case; We needed a lawyer for that.

Normally, if a lawyer asked for 2000 rupees, my father would ask if you would accept 1500 rupees.

But we appointed the best lawyer in Tamil Nadu to win this case.

We handed over this case to the Advocate, Mr.Ramani.

The case was held. They bought a stay in court.

Almost 3 years have passed. By then we had earned that one and a half crore rupees.

At the same time after these three years we are winning that case.

Why we are successful is that we argued that we buy Gas Cylinder for home and we pay tax only on Gas and not on Cylinder. Similarly, it took three years for the court to decide that it was right to collect tax only on oil and not on the bottle.

In these three years we had to pay that one and a half crore rupees that was saved. Then we earned another one and a half crore rupees.

It was the problem created by that Sales Tax Officer that gave us both this 3 crore profit and growth in business.

So whenever you have a business problem, think!! Thinking brings you new ideas.

So what I should do now is to pay respect to that Sales Tax Officer who gave me trouble.

It is because of him that I have thought so much and achieved this development.

So if problems arise, the ability to deal with them and thus develop, practice dealing with problems. Then you will feel that the problems are boons.


Author: RAJAN

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