“Hello Anna, Thank you for everything.. I have no elder brother, you are literally like my elder brother.. one more doubt I have, if you have karma of getting married outside caste, then come what may, it will happen outside the caste only? one Astrologer told me, so is it like, I myself is a vaishnav, will I not get married in the same caste then, something like that.. please reply..”


Yes. It is absolutely right.

But, in actual classification, there are only four classes – Brahmana (vedic people), Kshatriya (protectors), Vaishya (business persons) and Sudra (working class).

In every above classifications, the people created sub sects.

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Among the above four classes of people, there are many sections based on their following of religious sects such as saivaits, vaishnavits, advaitis, dvaitis, visishtathvaitis, etc, etc.

In addition to this, there are thousands of birth based castes also that I do not like to classify and all of you know them.

Every community has different Kula, Gothra, god, etc and claims that they come under the succession of a certain rishi kula. That means, every community considers a rishi as the initiator of their kula.

Every caste has their own preferences in their life.  That is why, this much of differences between different communities in India.

When a girl or boy marries from another section/ caste, they feared that there may be difference in the life style of the both.

So as to have the similar following of those preferences, the practice of marrying within the same caste originated.

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The problem started only when this aspect was insisted compulsorily.  If a boy and girl from different community have the same preferences in their life, they should be allowed to marry.  But, this was not allowed by the parents and community people.

Actually, a boy and a girl can marry if they have same preferences in their life. This should do good for them.  But, this is not happening that causes difficult situations for those boys and girls.

Another problem is, who should decide that both the boys and girls have same preferences?

In many cases, the boys and girls fail to jusge the opponent because of inexperience.

In many other cases, the parents judge the boys or girls wrongly.

With the advancing kaliyuga, the marriages are decided based on their financial status, job, attractive outlook, etc.

Hence these problems in our society.

That is why, because of these wrong judgements, the failures in marriages exist in both love marriages and arranged marriages.

If the situation is like this, how can karma play a role in these inter caste marriages?

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This can be explained as given below:

Karma does not decide whether a person is going to marry from this section or that section.  It just indicates that a boy or girl will marry a person of totally different nature because of his/ her wrong judgement.

Karma indicates through the horoscope that this girl or boy will violate her/ his family customs and hence face some challenges / defamation in her/ his life.

Since we have no scale to decide the family custom, the caste is taken as the scale to judge whether that girl or boy follows family custom in her/ his marriage.

To make it more clear, let a girl be in a community “A”.  She is expected to marry a boy from the same community “A”.  If she obeys the custom, she is praised by others.  This is shown in the horoscope that there will be no issues or challenges in their marriage.

Contrarily, if that girl of community “A” marries a boy of another community “B”, she is objected by others or commented by others.  They are forced to live with an image that she has married violating the family customs.  This is shown in her horoscope that she will face some issues and challenges in her  marriage.

Therefore, the indication of the horoscope is that a girl or boy will marry a boy or girl of similar customs or different customs.  That’s all.

Since it is judged based on the caste, we call it as Inter Caste Marriage.

This has become a custom of this society.

Is it right?

In some cases, marrying within the same caste succeeds whereas in some other cases, the same scale fails.


Because, in this advancing kaliyuga, every person has a mix of qualities and preferences in their life.

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A Brahmana who is expected to lead a simple life preaching the scriptures, go to jobs and earn and hence lose brahminical status.

Now a days, all the people have almost the same preferences in their life, ie, becoming wealthy.

Therefore, the caste system is losing its grip and hence any boy is able to marry any girl if he finds her suitable in his own considerations based on beauty, money, status, etc.

That is why, now a days, problems arise in the marriages of both the categories of same caste and inter caste marriages.

Now a days, the scale of community is diminishing and the scale of beauty, money, status, etc, are dominating.

Hence, we are marching towards SAME STATUS MARRIAGES instead of SAME CASTE MARRIAGES.

Then, how can they face their karma of issues in marriage?

The karma too has changed its source of creating problems in the marriage life.  Earlier, it created problems through the castes.  Now, it creates the problems between the couples through sexual and financial differences.

That is why, there are many divorces because of status and sex differences.

Now, the karma network has only the following options:

(1) Whether to make the marriage successful.

(2) Whether to allow the marriage life to continue with some issues.

(3) Whether to break the marriage after a certain period.

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Based on these available options, the marriages are made successful or failure.

This is what happening now a days.

Therefore, the extract of my reply is:

Punishments vary based on the changes in the types of crimes.

Similarly, the karma network changes the punishments based on the available factors that change from time to time with the advancing kaliyuga.

Hope you are clear with my simplified explanation of this great secret of how the karma network too changes its punishments based on the change oflife style of the people.

If you find a guy suitable for you in all the genuine considerations, marry him persuading your parents.  But, do not commit mistakes in judging the person.

If you have good karma, this judgement will be right.

Or, if you have negative karma, this judgement will be wrong.

How to avoid these failures?

However, if you have sufficient detachment in expecting the results, put your faith in God and proceed with the choice of your parents. Follow a devotional way of life.  Then, accept whatever happens as per your karma.

For the devotees, the effects of karma will be bearable.

All the best.

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