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“First of all would like to thank you for all your efforts, I always begin my day with your posts.

This world is a dukhalya ( full of pains ) still people don’t understand this and despite of continuous sufferings , don’t bother to have a pause in their life to think how can we come out of these pains.

Life is full of stress these days due to work pressure and whenever I gets even 5 mins free during my day, I divert my mind towards devotional practices like chanting. My worries are till how long this will happen, not sure ? People around me are helpful but I am getting mentally disturbed day by day due to work pressure. Please advice on stress management. Life is running very fast and we are constantly moving towards are grave.

Also, I read a book ‘ The Secret ‘ its basically law of attraction. As per you, do you think our desire gets fulfilled as per law of attraction ? How it works ? I really don’t want to take any further births but if it happens somehow I want to have that as per my desires using this law of attraction.”


Let the LAWS OF ATTRACTION be as it is. Because, this entire material world is functioning based on the attractions. So, no need for separate laws for that.

Stress is the outcome of unplanned and unprioritized assignments we have.

Stress is totally avoidable for everyone.

When we are pressurized by the responsibilities, we face stress.

Why do we allow the responsibilities to pressurize us?

Because, we usually do not plan well in selecting and performing the assignments in our life.

Let me explain in detail:

Stress Management is possible for everyone if they follow these steps:


First, allot a time to think about what responsibilities you have and write them in a paper. You have many responsibilities as listed below:

(i) Assignments to be done for your body

You will have to compulsorily allot half an hour for brushing, bathing, dressing up, etc.  Plan at what time you should do them and follow that time of about 30 minutes once you wake up in the morning.

(ii) Assignments to be done for your parents or spouse or children:

You may have to help your parents in cleaning the house or vessels or clothes. Keep them to be done on week ends or holidays. This will save you time every day. To achieve this, you should have atleast 3 sets of usable clothes to wear for entire week, ie, till the week end.

If you are in a position to teach home work of your children, do that in the evening or night allotting 30 minutes or one hour.

(iii) Assignments to be done for the soul, ie, devotion:

This means, worshiping the God, reading about the God and performing some rituals for the God. You should spend a particular time for every devotional practice. If performing everything is difficult in the morning, you should split them into many and do in between your studies or job. For example, if your time does not allow you to chant the Lord’s names in the morning, you can split it to chant throughout the day whenever you find some time in the middle of your studies/ job.

(iv) Assignments to be done in your studies or job:

This can’t be altered. However, you can avoid working over time by finishing your assignments in time. You can reduce your time to travel by shifting your house near your work or study spot. You can use a vehicle for commution and save time.

You should avoid bringing the office job to home. Plan the time, work efficiently and finish all your official assignments in the office itself.

To avoid stresss in studies, you should allot atleast one hour daily for studying the portions covered on that day.  Postponing the preparations to the last few days before the exams increase the stress.

(v) Assignments to be done for knowledge development:

You should not spend too much of time every day for reading for knowledge development. Allot 30 minutes for reading books on science, society, God, etc. Not more than that. Because, it may affect your time and concentration for other assignments.

Thus, you should first list out your compulsory and unavoidable assignments.


After listing all your daily assignments, now, it is the time for setting the priorities for every assignment and remove unwanted assignments.

For example, you can set the priorities like this:

Devotional practices.

Going for Job or studies.

Studying that day’s lessons at home.

Helping the parents/ spouse in their works.

Helping the children to study or do home works.

Reading books/ magazines/ newspapers.

Playing cricket with friends in the play ground.

Spending time chatting with the friends.

Watching the television serials and movies.

Cleaning the home garden.

If you note the above list, you have listed your assignments in terms of priorities.

Now, let us know what to do with this list.


This list has some items that can be avoided on daily basis.

You can remove them from the daily assignments list.


Playing cricket with friends in the play ground.

Spending time chatting with the friends.

Watching the television serials and movies.

Cleaning the home garden.

These four can be done only on week ends. Avoid them daily.

Now, you have only four assignments to do daily.

Out of these five, allocate more time for very essential assignments and less time for any one or two. Eg: Reading books/ magazines/ newspapers. This can be given less time. Or, you can do this even while travelling.


Most of the assignments or problems are invited by ourselves. We unnecessarily mingle with some unproductive people who consume our time in unproductive talks. So, avoid expressing much about yourself to unwanted people and stop with just greeting them whenever you see them. If you develop deep bond and friendship with them, you can’t satisfy all of them because your time will be consumed by them for unproductive talks. Some times, these unproductive friendships even end in problems. So, have limited friends who value your time AND ENCOURAGE YOU IN A CORDIAL AND FRIENDLY MANNER.


Some students fall in love while studying. The changes in every move of their loved ones affect them. If the lover does not talk nicely on any day, this person becomes out of mood. This causes stress.

Thus, when you are marching towards achieving in life, do not involve in emotional relations that may affect your main target till you complete that target. When you are unable to achieve the main target, you get disappointment and then stress.

So, Prioritize your assignments and avoid unproductive ones. They can be taken care in your leisure time. Involving in both of them simultaneously will invite stress.


Some persons bring many people to home and celebrate with them. This involves many extra works to be done to treat these invitees. So, if you are busy, invite the people only on week ends in which you have some time to spare, not on week days.


This is very important. Everyone can be an expert in all types of works. If you are not comfortable in a field of job, change the job in a field that you like very much. If you are not comfortable in writing stories, do not involve in it just because your neighbour is doing well in writing.

One should feel stress free only if he involves in a work that gives him a feel of ease and happiness.


Though we are acting perfectly, there are some people who drag us in unwanted arguments. If such a situation comes, stop responding him beyond a limit. If you respond, it will prolong further and end in a tensed mind and break in relations.

If the talks go sensitive, just say THANKS and move away.


This is also very important. Some persons believe that they alone can do the things nicely and others are useless.  They never give opportunity for others to learn and practice.

This will cause stress to that person because he will be doing all the works alone. Instead, he should share the duties to others and encourage them to finish them nicely.

Though they commit mistakes initially, they will learn in practice. No one can learn cycling without falling down atleast once. Remember that.

If you share the available works with others, you will save much time that can be used for other studying or earning or even worshiping.


Some persons always have a negative attitude and they are always under stress since they always worry whether something will become successful or not.

For example, if they arrange a groom for their daughters, they become tensed till they give their replies.

Instead of making ourselves stressful, we can just allow the things to happen as they are and we should stop with taking sincere efforts. Then, the things will happen as they should.

Out of the above ten tips, prioritizing the available responsibilities and filtering unimportant ones is very important. Next, sharing the responsibilities with others. These two things, if done, can minimize the stress by 50%. Other eight tips will give the remaining 50% relief from the stress.

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