How to Correct Getting Envy of Good Performers? Best Tips!

How to Correct Getting Envy of Good Performers? Best Tips!

A Girl Student wrote like this (Name hidden):

“My competitive exam is very near and i want to work hard for it but i am feeling that something is stopping me.  i feel envy on a person [he is very good though] living in my hostel. i know i am very bad person this envy is not going pr.ji i suffering more bcoz i see him every day but i want to work very hard for krishna still why i feel this

(1) do my love for krishna is not real,but i don’t know why this envy is within me it destroying me i want to focus on my work

(2) i feel that these situations are bcoz of my past life sins and are stopping me from studying i have seen such situation many time what to do to get rid of this envy i even can’t take help from anyone as nobody understand me they think that i am such a bad person bcoz i feel envy bt this is within me even i don’t want it only you can help me i have very less time. plzzz help.”


Though you have mentioned as Envy, for the better understanding, let me reply for both the feelings of Getting Envy and Jealous of Good Performers.

Jealousy and Envy both involve a feeling of desire for what another person has, but Jealousy is usually thought to be more negative that often involves resentment toward the other person.


Envy is also a negative feeling—like a mix of admiration and discontent—but the word doesn’t usually imply hostility.

Simply speaking, Getting Jealous does not include admiration, but getting envy involves admiration for the other person.

So, Getting Jealous is more destructive than getting envy.

Both Getting Envy and Jealous of Good Performers is the expression of your lack of efforts to perform like him.

Getting Jealous develops more hatred; Getting envy develops motivation and also some hatred.

There is a clear difference between Getting admired and Getting Jealous also.

Admiration develops friendship as the admirer likes to be close to the admired person and like to get inspired from him.

When some feeling of inability to achieve adds with the admiration, envy develops.

When there is no admiration at all, but only the negative feeling of the good performers, it is called Jealousy.

Wow. I have gone deep into the vocabulary explanation. But this understanding is important to get relieved from Getting Envy of Good Performers.

Only Bhagavad Gita can help in this matter of Getting Envy and Jealous of Good Performers.

That is why, Krishna advised in Bhagavad Gita to perform the duties without the attachment to the results.

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When we get attached to the results of our actions, we will dare to follow any means to achieve the expected results.

When we focus only on the best possible performance, not the results, we will accept whatever results we get.

A Person works for 12 hours a day in a Paddy field under the hot Sun, but he gets just a few thousands a year as his earning.

Whereas, another person works as a professor in an air conditioned college for 5 days a week, 5 hours a day and with plenty of semester holidays is paid in lakhs.

Both of them show their skills with expertise in their respective profession.

Both of them spend their time.

One spends more time and gets less income;

Another spends less time and gets more income.

Here comes karma or destiny. No other concept can explain this better.

What we sow in our previous births will be reaped in this birth.

Believing the destiny is not wrong. But, expecting the destiny to be negative, abandoning the best performance is wrong.

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Of course, karma, ie, destiny is there. Let it give its results as per its programming and storage.

You have taken this body and hence you have to work as effectively as possible to maintain this body as said by Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.

Krishna did not just advise us to work. He has advised us to work efficiently.



In your case – What is the syllabus, how deeply you should prepare, how much the competition is for clearing the competitive exam and how long and how deep you should prepare.


In your case, which books and guides to use, which coaching to use, which mode to use – online or offline or Postal, how many tests to write for practice, etc.


In your case, review how many days are there for the exam. Then, plan how many chapters to finish every day and how many revisions to be done in how many days, etc. Use most of the time for preparing for the exam.

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Though you prepare well, always keep in mind: You are doing your duty of preparing sincerely for the exam. The outcome, ie, result is not in your hands. So, as a duty, try to do your duties effectively with proper planning.


Then, accept the result you are given. Do not compare yourself with others. You have given the best performance. If you succeed in this exam, that means, you are destined to earn through this particular job. If you did not get through, that means, you are destined to shine in some other field. Widen your ground and try for other careers also. Though you fail in one case, you can get through in some other case that is destined for you.

This is the way of life for the students, workers, and all.

Keep this mindset and make your heart free. If you read the above tips again and again, you will understand that you are having more attachment to the results. This attachment, when you do not get the expected results, makes you getting Envy and Jealous of Good Performers.

Instead of Getting Envy of Good Performers, go to then, shake hands and congratulate him for his better performance.

Your heart will become light and you will feel more positivity around you.

Associate with that Good performer more that will share his good vibrations with you and increase your confidence to achieve like him EITHER IN THE SAME FIELD OR IN ANOTHER FIELD AS DESTINED.

Hope you are clear now.


Author: RAJAN

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