A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“I am staying in hostel very far from my parents and I afraid that if something happens to me and there is no one to see after me when I am suffering from any disease but I pray to krishna everyday but I am feeling frustrated for some reason anyway I don’t tell to my parents also because they are already busy I can’t able to sleep, eat. I don’t know the reason for frustration but if someone is happy I feel that everyone is happy but why I am not happy. Also I afraid of every little things I don’t know what to do. Please help me to get rid of this condition as soon as possible please.”


This is because of low esteem and high sensitivity. About 20% of the people are like you only in this world.

I have seen some people who cleans the entire room with water to clean a few drops of coffee or milk that slipped down. I have also seen some persons becoming very sensitive when someone touches him even while travelling.  Some people are unable to mingle with the neighbours, classmates, officemates, etc.  These are a few examples of sensitivity.

Low esteem is also related to our nature by birth. Astrologically, if your lord of lagna is weak (or) moon is weak or in disturbed condition (or) the lord of third house is weak, such thoughts occur. So, this is the condition from birth itself.

However, you can boost your self confidence and manage this condition under control.

Here are some tips for boosting self esteem and reducing sensitivity:

(1) First, be convinced that no one is safe in this world. We are living always in risky conditions. Day by day, our life time is reducing. How long we will live and what diseases we will face have been already fixed. Therefore, we are nothing to do with these factors. What we can do is to keep the diseases and problems under control to some extent. That’s all.

(2) Every one of us have risk in our every move. Not only you. When a person comes out of his home for school, college, work, shopping, walking, etc., he has the risk of accidents, fall downs, etc. But, only a fraction of people face the accidents. If everyone fears for accidents, how can he move forward? He can follow the traffic rules. That’s all he can do. So, avoiding going out because of the fear of accidents is not a normal mindset.

(3) We hear a few air planes going out of contact and fall somewhere or facing accidents while landing or taking off. Only one out of thousands of planes face such bad fate. Rarely, the trains face accidents. Bus accidents are heard here and there.  Can we avoid travelling by planes, trains, buses, etc.? It is foolishness. We have to face them. Only a few unfortunate or careless people face accidents.

(4) Some marriages end in divorce. Because of that, can a girl or boy avoid marriage fearing for separation? They have to be ready to face any situation in life and no one is immuned from unfortunate happenings in life.

(5) The farmers plant many grains and vegetables. Some times, they face drought or heavy flood and all their grains and vegetables go waste. If they stop doing farming fearing for drought or heavy flood, none of us will get food to eat.  Isn’t it?

(6) Many great thinkers died in young age. Did they fail to motivate others till they lived? Had they remained so fearing for death, could we get such great thinkers? Remember, how many freedom fighters have faced the jail terms and even hanging to death boldly saying “Jai Hind”. Did they fear for death?

(7) In older days, if their husbands die in the battle field for their country, the wives sent their sons for fighting with the enemies. This was their sacrifice for their country. Did they remain cowardy fearing for death in the battle field?

(8) Many new businesses are started everyday. Some face losses. Have the people stopped starting new businesses?

(9) Electric current may some times lead to shock and death if not maintained/handled properly. Do we avoid using electricity and fear to touch the switches?

(10) Cooking gas cylinders may explode rarely. Do we avoid using cooking LPG Gas?

(11) Thus, negatives and risks exist in all our activities. If we fear for negatives, we can never achieve anything in our life. We should do any work after proper planning evaluating the ground realities. We should not consider either happiness or sorrows as permanent. Both exist in everyone’s life. So, we should accept the life as it is with its positives and negatives and march with a hope.

(12) Therefore, hereafter, stop worrying for negatives and concentrate in your assigned duties and responsibilities sincerely. Face the negatives patiently and it will pass with the time. Since the death is not in your hands, just utilize each and every day given to you. If you do not achieve anything because of fear, you would have wasted your life. If you lead your life with hope and achieve something in life, you will be in records and memories.

This is the reality. Follow this with the hope.

All the best.

Author: RAJAN

Having a long observation and association with all sections of people for decades, Rajan is promoting online media in different platforms including this blog website to guide lakhs of regular followers to prevent and solve their problems. He gives complete Counsellings and Tips on Medical, Health, Psychological, Women safety, Child safety, Issues in Family Relations, Love, Marriage, Personal life, etc.! His services have helped thousands of people to come out of negative thoughts and to change their way of approaching the problems in their life and hence he is considered as their trusted FRIEND to share the problems and get them counselled. He is also well known to follow strict confidentiality in his counselling services.

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