Should a girl go to the job or not to lead a peaceful and vedic way of life?

Should a girl go to the job or not to lead a peaceful and vedic way of life?

A Girl asked like this:

“i’ m a student of graduation last year… bt i don’t want to job bcz i like to work at home… i mean i want to be like a vedic woman… bt my friends n teacher always push me to do job…bt i don’t like that… bt sometime i feel that i should do job bcz without doing job i feel very low that i feel nobody honor me without doing job… and i also feel low that without doing job i am the burden on the head of my father and i also feel that if my future husband torture me for that then what will do in that time if he don’t like vedic lifestyle then what to do in that time… and if his earnings will not sufficient then what will do.. bcz in that time i need to do extra hard work for doing job. pls guide me to be vedic woman in this kaliyoga… how to apply vedic culture in my daily life fully…bcz it is my very strong will.”


First, let me write what is the actual need and what we should follow according to the changing times.

In general, every family has two managements:

(1) Home management and (2) Financial management.

A family primarily involves a husband, wife, parents and children. We live in a house that is considered like a temple in the family life.

For a home to be rich, it must be clean and spiritual. The food must be prepared and offered to the Lord and then distributed to the family members. The children must be sent to the school and attended when they return from school so that they remain safe. The males go to jobs and return and they too should be attended with love.

This is house management. If all these tasks are to be done properly, there should be a person to manage them exclusively. So, our vedic culture engaged the women to manage these things.

Why women?

Because they are very patient, artistic, etc., to manage these things. Since their emotional quotient is more than males, they were able to manage the people and home properly.  Additionally, they have the disturbance of monthly periods also that makes them tired.

So, the vedic culture gave the indoor responsibilities for women.

The men went out for jobs, business, etc to manage the family’s financial requirements. The wives managed the finance earned by the husbands. Thus, the family was balanced in all aspects. The children were given 24 hours attention by mothers. So, they were safe.

When the husband dies before the wife, because of the existence of the group family system in which all the brothers lived as a compound/ joint family, the wife of the deceased man continued their life without any difficulty for finance. She was also honoured as a proud member of that family. Other males were earning and managing the financial needs of family.

This was possible in compound/ joint families only.

Now, the trend is different. This is the era of nuclear families.  No two brothers live together with their families. Every male is living in a separate house with his wife and child(ren). The parents stay in their sons’ houses alternatively.

Because of the single child culture now a days, if the son happens to be non cooperating or if his wife does not allow him to keep his parents with him, the situation of the parents becomes pathetic and they have to stay in old age homes.

Because of one child culture, if the child is a girl, the parent live alone or in old age homes if the son-in-law does not keep them with him.

This is the pathetic trend now a days.

Only a section of males prefer their wives to be the house wives. Because of the increased consumer culture, the cost of living and cost of homes, education, etc., are skyrocketing. So, both the husband and wife go to jobs, earn and manage all their needs.

In this situation, if a girl remains unwilling to go to jobs, she should select a guy who earns well to manage the family and who prefers housewife and gives all honours to her.

This is the only point to consider.

If you can get a boy like that in your known circles, you can remain jobless.

If you are not sure about that, it is good to go to a job and earn.

I support women to manage the family and children well in this risky world in which even the children are not safe.  However, the reality is different. The boys give importance for money also. So, many boys like their wives go to jobs.

This definitely affects the quality of the family and children. Still, this is becoming a trend.

So, go to the job right now. Be decent in your job spot and males. Always follow a limit in mingling with males. Select a job that is 10 to 5 type. Earn and save for your future.

In case you get a groom who prefers house wife, quit your job and be a happy house wife with him.

If the groom prefers you going to jobs, go to the job. One day, he himself will tell you to quit to manage the family. Then, quit the job. I have seen many women earning very well quit their jobs being unable to manage both job and family after their marriage and getting children. That can be decided later reviewing your situation then. Just be prepared to go to a job now.

If you remain disciplined and principled, you can be safe wherever you are. No male will dare to touch a girl who is behaving decently and speaks to the point to the males.

So, no need to hate going to jobs. It depends on the husband you are given.

Instead of remaining jobless, go to jobs for now. Decide about continuing in it or quiting based on the expectations of your future husband.

This alone should be a logical approach for a balanced thinker.

Personally, I feel that both the home management and finance management – both are important and a wife and husband should take separate their responsibilities and manage.

Since the expectations of males are changing, the girls have to be prepared to face both types of husbands who prefer a house wife or job going girl. They can follow devotion managing time accordingly.

This is the ground reality. Start trying for a job as of now.

All the best.

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