Everyone will get married in a suitable time period according to his/ her horoscope.

Some causes for the delay in marriage for girls and tips to find a groom

(1) KARMA:  Some persons are destined for early marriage even before 20. Some others are destined for late marriage, ie, after 30.  Some others are destined for love marriage. Some others have no marriage at all.  Thus, the destiny related to marriage is different for everyone according to the karma he/ she has accrued from his previous births/ deeds. If she has some planets/ dosha to delay her marriage, wait for a few years and then fix the marriage after her age 26. We have many posts about doshas in our spiritual site www.krishnatoday.com. Go there and search in the search box given in the site or select the category ASTROLOGY in that site.

(2) Having brown/ dark complexion:  This is not a disqualification because there are many boys who prefer brown complexioned girls. Tastes and preferences differ from person to person.  Only thing is that we should find the one who like brown complexion also.  It is the matter of time. That’s all.

There are many brown complexioned actors who are successful in cinemas. The best example is Rajini Kanth of south India who is considered as a super star and the highest earning actor in India.  He has brown colour. That brown colour itself is his beauty and charm. Both a child and an 90 year old person may like him.

Lord Krishna also looks dark complexioned and took avatar in a yadhava family.

Thus, colour is not an issue for a girl or boy.

(3) Difficulty in finding a groom with all the credits:  Finding the best match for a girl / boy will take some time.  If one aspect exists, another aspect may not exist with the bride/ groom. One may be very nice looking, but, may not have a high earning job; Another may have a high earning job, but, may not have good health or family background.

That is why, it usually takes time to find a match for a girl. You may try patiently for a perfect match for her.

(4) Education & Job:   In general, a girl who studied well may not match to a low earner. I do not tell this to discriminate in the status. In general, the boy may develop some kind of inferiority complex later. This may make him to avoid his wife for close interactions.

That is why, it is better to give a girl in marriage with a similar status. The girl may earn less. But, if the boy earns less than his wife, there are chances for developing inferiority complex later. This happens in many families.

You can’t stop a girl from going to a job after marriage. If need arises, she may have to go for a job. Now a days, both the husband and wife have to go to the job to manage the life comfortably.

In case that person is a good earner in a government department or big company, he will earn sufficiently. In such case, the girl can be given in marriage to him. If he does not have a good earning, there are chances for inferiority complex to crop up later. So, you have to think it over.

If a boy has stable and decent earning, you can give your girl to that boy.

(5) RELATIVES & FRIENDS:  I always support marrying a known person or a distant relative because the risk will be less.  First try within your relative circle. Then, in your friends circle. Or, within the same city/ area in which she lives. Then, try in your community’s matrimonial service.

It is good to explore the possibilities within the relatives and friends if that boy has good character and earning.  It is good to avoid considering overseas grooms or the grooms from the very long distance from your city. Better see a boy within 100 kms because you can visit there frequently and encourage and support your daughter/ sister in her life. It will give a weightage for her in her husband’s house.

(6) MATRIMONIAL SITES:  I do not recommend trying through matrimonial sites for all because you will have to enquire thoroughly about the groom.  If you get a groom from your same city through matrimonial sites, that will be fine.  Even in that case, you should make a thorough enquiry about that groom and then decide.

(7) TEMPLES:  You can also consult the elder priests in the temples of your locality to recommend you a right match for your girl. He may know some people since he sees and speaks to many visitors to the temple daily.

(8) GET HER CONSENT:  Your daughter/ sister is sincerely and innocently waiting and depending on you in a belief that you will arrange a suitable match for her.  So, take all efforts to enquire before deciding and decide after discussing her also. Fix the marriage only after she agrees for a groom. Because it is her life. Don’t force her.

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(10) DO NOT RUSH TO FIX:  The offer from some boys may seem attractive.  Do not rush to fix the marriage. A wrong decision taken at this time will ruin the life of a girl. So, take time before giving your consent. Read THIS POST also before fixing the marriage to know the qualities expected from boys now a days.

Hope this helps.

Author: RAJAN

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