Feeling for not being beautiful and hence not respected! Tips!

Feeling for not being beautiful and hence not respected! Tips!


“ I’m going to share things which i’vent shared with any1  till now.  Ppl  say i’m ugly, no one likes me, my own parents compare me with others. My friends treat me like i dont even exist. Therefore i’ve lost my desire of living.  I’m afraid to show myself in public.  Even gods don’t listen to my cries, though  i  believe in Krsna so much. I always think of doing good  to others  but 4  myself, but I get the pain at last. Why? Dont disclose my name please.”


You are affected by Self Pity of Feeling for not being beautiful.  Stop this negative thought immediately.  You have two legs, two hands, good brain, good vision, etc.  Good Parents, financial support, etc., are also available to you.

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What else do you want to achieve in life?

Instead of identifying the positives that are existing in you, you are feeling for not being beautiful.

Why do you need a beautiful face?  Why should you attract others with your face?  Do you know that after 3 hours of our death, our body starts badly smelling and contaminating?  Remember, our body is made up of five elements – Soil, water, fire, air, ether (empty space)?  Why do you give much  importance for your outlook?

I tell you that the relationships that originates seeing one’s beauty will not last long, because, our beauty will last mostly up to 40 years of age.  After that, our skin starts shrinking.  See the popular heroines who were acting 20 years ago, now.  You will wonder whether they are the same heroines who were dreamt by crores of people in those days.

There are many great popular personalities, scientists, etc., who achieved even with severe physical disabilities.

Let me give TEN people out of them:

(1) Alexander Graham Bell had learning disability. In spite of this disability, he invented the telephone.

(2) Thomas Alva Edison was slightly deaf, Learning disability and Diabetic. He is probably most famous for inventing the electric light, He also invented the record player and the cinematic camera. Significantly, due to his learning disability, his writing skills remained “poor” throughout his life.

(3) Albert Einstein had “Aspergers Syndrome”, a type of autism, widely stated that he was dyslexic (ie, disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence). But, he was a brilliant atomic physicist, probably most famous for his Theory of Relativity.

(4) Henry Ford too was a “dyslexic”. But, he invented the motor car.

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(5) Dr Temple Grandin had autism (a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts). But, he became a famous agricultural scientist, professor of animal behaviour.

(6) Stephen Hawking had “motor neuron disease” (a progressive disease involving degeneration of the motor neurons and wasting of the muscles). He used a motorized wheelchair, and a computerized speech-synthesizer.  ut, He is probably one of the greatest astronomical physicists of modern times, Stephen Hawking has developed several theories about the nature and origins of our universe.

(7) Isaac Newton was a “stutter” (talk with continued involuntary repetition of sounds, especially initial consonants). He discovered theory of gravity.

(8) Leonardo Da Vinci was a dyslexic and was a famous creative artist, most famous for his detailed sketch of a bicycle.

(9) Pythagoras had “epilepsy”. He was the most famous is his theory for working out the length of sides on a right-angled triangle.  You may be aware of the popular Pythagorus theorem in maths.


(10) Sudha Chandran is a famous Indian dancer, who has also obtained a Masters in Economics. She suffered the amputation of her right leg following an accident when travelling between Mumbai and Chennai in India. She received an artificial leg which allowed her to become one of the most accomplished dancers in India. She now performs all over the world and has appeared in films and television shows.

If you need an example in the Cinema Industry, the most popular Indian Hero Mr.Rajini kanth, is dark skinned only.

Now, tell me:  Were they having self pity like you?  Didn’t they pooh-pooh their disabilities and achieved?

Compared with them, how comfortable you are?  Yours is just a negligible matter! You have a perfect health.  You are feeling for not being beautiful.

In the spiritual field too, we have an example.  Srila Prabhupada, the founder of ISKCON went to U.S to start the society with just Rs.40, with a free ship pass in his SEVENTIES.  On board the ship, he faced TWO HEART ATTACKS.  Did he return to India?  No. He went further and opened 100s of temples for Krishna after two heart attacks in his eighties.  Can you imagine such acts?  Remember, Srila Prabhupada had no artificial beauty as expected by you.  He had the beauty of spiritual knowledge that alone were seen by others.

So, stop feeling for not being beautiful and start acting using your strengths.

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Follow these tips:

(1)  Don’t think that all are watching you.  Everyone has many works to do.  You only feel so.

(2) Forget what others may think of you. What you think of yourself is important. Believe you are perfect in health.

(3) Identify your strengths.

(4) Apply your strengths and start to do some assignments after proper planning. Work on it dedicatedly.

(5) Achieve in your selected field.

Now, the same people will come to you to associate with you.  In general, once you become successful, others do not bother whether you are beautiful outside. So, stop feeling for not being beautiful.

Remember that no one will like to be with negative minded persons.  Therefore, recognize the positives you have, achieve success and thus be an inspiration to others.

All the best for your success in advance.

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