Feeling frustrated & Upset with selfish world? Reality Tips for you!

Feeling frustrated & Upset with selfish world? Reality Tips for you!

A Reader has written:

“Sir, I wanted to ask one thing…. what to do if ur most close friend who use to be a very bold n lively kind of person, but, now a days feels as if this world is going to break her and she is losing the power to face this cunning world by being fake.. She had suffered so much and don’t want that to happen again and so, she don’t trust people now a days. Plz tell me how should I help her satisfactorily?


She is feeling frustrated & Upset because your friend has expected this society and the world to be perfect. That is why, such happenings affect her. If our expectations are high, there are chances for feeling frustrated & upset. So, the problem is with her expectation.


Had your friend done mostly good karma in her previous birth(s), she would have taken birth in heavenly planets, and will be enjoying only pleasures there without any distress.

Had she done mostly bad karma in her previous birth(s), she would have taken birth in hellish planets, and will be facing only problems/ pains there without any happiness.

But, she has taken birth in the earth because, she has done both good and bad karma in her previous birth(s). So, she has to face both happiness and pains in this earth.

Earth is a KARMA BHOOMI that is intermediate between heavenly planets and hellish planets that offers both happiness and pains. We are given birth in this earth to bring all our past karma to zero and go back to the Godhead.

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How to clear our karma? By facing the reactions for all our past actions.  By patiently accepting the sufferings and face them without feeling frustrated & Upset. In your friend’s case, she would have remained as a cause for the distress of many people in her previous birth. So, she is facing more disappointments in this birth.

Therefore, she has to face them with a balanced mind. She has to accept her past karma and she should patiently, silently and boldly face all these disappointments.

Krishna Himself terms this earth as “Dhukkalayam and Asasvatham” that means “painful and temporary”. Then, how can we expect the life on earth to be ONLY happy? No chance. Every person is facing some kind of problems on earth. Somebody with poverty; Some with disabilities; Some with diseases; Therefore, no one is immune to problems.

If you fear and run when a dog barks at you, that dog starts to chase you. If you stand boldly facing it, the dog becomes silent after some time. Similarly, if you fear or get disappointed with your problems, the problems will continue and increase in mangnitude. If you face them or start to live with them, they can not affect you and may disappear soon.

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Therefore, tell her to accept this world with its negatives also and not to expect this earth like heaven.

This earth is a blend of good hearted people as well as selfish people.

In his kaliyuga, the selfish people will be 75% and good people will be just 25% or less as said in Srimad Bhagavatham.

Thus, we will have to face even some cheaters. We can’t escape from them. However, we can remain without being affected by the problems and the people who create problems.

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Tell your friend to read Bhagavad Gita, as it will teach her to face both happiness and pains equally without feeling frustrated & Upset..

Ask her to associate with the devotees as much as possible.

When she starts observing the devotees, she will start to face this world with a balanced mind. This will give confidence.

We can not change this world to be fit to us. We only have to fit with this world and insulate ourselves without being affected by the people.

This earthly life has some goodness also as it has facilities to follow devotion and even technological development to learn more in short period.  Make use of these facilities and remain insulated from the problems.

That means, the problems will still be there;  But, we will not allow them to make us collapsed by being situated in the higher consciousness of God.

When we are tasting a higher taste, these unavoidable problems can’t destabilize us.

If your friend follows this, she will not be affected in future.

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