Tips to deal with the Ex-lover who married another person!

Tips to deal with the Ex-lover who married another person!

A girl:   “One of my friend got married who loved me lot now he still in my memories not yet speaking with his mother n wife.  I tried to convince him but he is saying he forcefully got married and can’t love his wife but i am feeling guilty now this is all because of me”


The approach followed by you is wrong.  Why do you still speak to him and try to convince him?

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Both of you loved.  Now, he has married another girl.  he is telling the family as the reason.  This itself is not good.

However, what mistake his wife did except believing and marrying him?  Isn’t she an innocent girl?

That boy is punishing his innocent wife for no fault on her side.  This is not good.

Why are you continuing talks with him even after his marriage?  Why can’t you stop all the connections with him?

By hearing you again and again and seeing you, he will find it difficult to forget you.  This will cause many problems in his family.

Time is the best healer for all pains.  If he lives with his wife for atleast one year without seeing and hearing you, he will become normal.  This is sure.

I tell you, most of the boys and girls would have developed some kind of affection or love with a person before marriage.  Only about half of them may be able to marry the loved one.

Others are marrying another girl because of some reasons and are leading their life in this fast moving life.

If all the persons should hate his/ her spouse because of his/ her past love affairs, about half of the couples will be leading a hatred life.

This is not happening.  The time is healing everyone.  They just keep their first love in deep memories and lead their lives with spouse sincerely.


Do this with a definite mind.  Let him allow the time to heal his pains.  And, let that innocent wife gets the love of her husband.

Do this immediately.

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