A male:

I am having some Marital Problems with my wife.. She cheated me.. We have a 2 year old 9 month son..And she left me and does not want to come back..


Cheating means what kind of cheating?  It has not been mentioned.

However, cheating husbands or wives are forced to do like that because of these reasons:

(1) The cheater may be a habitual cheater who always has the tendency to betray the faith put on him/ her by others.

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Such habitual cheaters can not be prevented from cheating others.  Though you are straightforward and taking care of him/her well, he/ she will cheat you.  Therefore, if this is the case, it is better to allow him/her to leave you.  It is your good time that made him/her to leave you. Be relieved and take care of your future life with the peace of mind. If she allows you to keep your son with you, cultivate him sincerely. If possible and if you like so, get divorce from him/her.

(2) The cheater might have succumbed to the pressures by a certain situation that induces him/ her to cheat.

If this is the reason for your wife’s betrayal , you should allow certain time for her to realize her mistakes.  Or, you may discuss with her frankly after some period.  Time will change her mind.

(3) Others might have brainwashed/ motivated him/ her to cheat.

If this is the reason for her to betray you, she will definitely realize in due course of time because the persons who induced her will show their real face soon.  When she feels that they are taking advantage of her innocence, she will think of you and come back.

(4) The person who was cheated might have failed to take care of the needs of the cheater that would have made him/ her frustrated that makes him/ her to cheat.

In this case, you need to evaluate yourself. If physical relations is the reason for her to betray you, evaluate whether you fulfilled all her ‘private’ needs in time.  In most of the issues, the husbands fail to give the ‘private’ needs of his wife because of work pressures, or, a kind of boring feelings after having the life of sense gratification for years.  This should not be allowed.  If the spouse needs and demands her private needs, the husband should give it to wife.  Same applies to wife.

In case, she is a devotee and you did not cooperate in her devotion, you should do that.  Help her grow in devotion that will make her to love you.  You too may become a sincere devotee like her.

In case the wife needs any products, try your best to gift her.  If she likes to go to job, send her to job.  Thus, fulfill her genuine needs.  This will make her happy.

Discuss with wife atleast for half an hour daily and understand her feelings.  If there is good communication between a wife and husband, no issues can crop up.

Help her in all her duties and win her love.  In general, take care of her well.  She may have some shortcomings.  No person is perfect.  Accept your wife along with her shortcomings.  This will help you avoid many issues.

Thus, there may be many reasons for the cheating to happen. Now my above tips can help you to identify the cause of your issues and to solve them.

Now, review the happenings that happened in your life.  If you have got the reason, correct the causes and bring your wife and again and start a new life.

In case, she falls in the category of habitual cheater, leave her happily and start a new life.

Thus there are many ways to deal with the cheating husbands or wives.

All the best.

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