Who should avoid own business? How to come out of loan?

Who should avoid own business? How to come out of loan? I lost Rs.30 lakhs in share trading.

Qn. In detail from a male follower: 

I am working in a private company aged 42 years living in delhi with all family members. Since 2004 i habituated for share trading and lost about 30 lacs in last 13 years and still not able to come out of that as after gap of 6 months i again started and lost money then again sit idle. In mind one thing goes why i am a loser in this share trading and this is the only question which disturbs me a lot and give tension very much due to financial loss also. There is debt of around 15 lacs for which emi of Rs. 40000 pm i pay. See for next 3 years my emi are fixed so upto age of 45 years there may be little saving and by that time my children grow and will study in class 5 and 4. As private job is not permanent there is fear if job left then how life will go ahead? i want to engage myself in spiritual and voluntary services but time is not there as timing of job is very hard 9.30-6.30 and late sitting is there. I do chanting but not very seriously, but not able to keep myself peace and calm. please help how i proceed in my life for getting happiness.


I am fully qualified to reply this question because I too fell in loan to the tune of 22 lakhs and then cleared everything with the mercy of Lord.

There are two classes of people who start a business and either succeed or fail:


Those who start business without gaining practical experience and gain experience after starting their own business.  These persons may face many losses financially in gaining their experience.  Everything will be learnt through his own business only.  And hence, their wrong decisions may cause financial losses and hence loans.

I worked in a particular industry and started my own business  in another industry when there was a compelling need to start my own business even in my age 24.  Since I had experience in another field, I had to learn everything in my new business.

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But, I had to pay a great price for learning this from my own business.  I did some immatured decisions in my young age of 24 and hence I ended up in loans.

These loans gave me maturity.  I could learn how the people behave in different situations.  Even my close relatives and friends behaved differently when I got loans from them.

In fact, I learnt more about this world through loans than through scriptures.

Therefore, starting a business without sufficient experience in that industry will be risky.


Those who start business after working in a firm that is dealing with the same business, will be safe because, he would have gained experience in handling all the issues and he knows well about

(i) what are the problems in that business?

(ii) who are the customers?

(iii) How to attract customers to this business?

(iv) How to beat the competitors?

(v) What is the profit margin in that business?

(vi) How much should we have to pay salaries to the people? What benefits and treatments they expect from a management?

(vii) Who are the suppliers of raw materials and who are the buyers of our products.

(viii) How much of investment will be needed and will we need continuous investments?

(ix) What are the government laws about this business, how to file accounts, what are the taxes applicable for this business?

Thus, you have so many things to learn from your experience by working in a firm/ business.  After learning all these practical knowledge, you can now shine in your own business in future.


Since you know what mistakes your old boss did in his business.  Therefore, you will not commit such mistakes in your own business.

Since you know how others perform for the firm, you can select right people to your own business and treat them properly.



Now, you would have understood what mistake you have done in your business.

As far as SHARE TRADING is concerned, it should be done with utmost care.  It is like an intoxication.  If you approach it emotionally, it will drag you in losses and hence loans.

In share trading, a small percentage of traders gain and the most of the traders lose.

The gainers will speak loudly about their gains.  This may sound attractive to others.  Therefore, they too start trading.  Finally, end up in losses.

Why share trading is risky for many?

If you invest in your OWN business, ONLY your performance  decides your profits or losses. Whereas, when you invest in shares, you are investing in the company promoted by others.  Their every fault will affect the company and hence your profits also. Your profits will not be in your hands.

Therefore, your money is not in your control.

That is why, the market analysts advice the people to invest in diversified investments: 

(1) About 50% of your money as Bank fixed deposits; 

(2) About 25% of your money as mutual fund investments; 

(3) And, the remaining 15% in shares; And,

(4) 10% as land/ home investments.

Gold has not been added, since  gold is losing its status as the option of good investment because, its price has almost reached the maximum level and hence its return is not that much encouraging for the investors.

Since many traders follow many tricks in share trading, it has become a highly competitive business and only those who performs share trading regularly following the market can earn something.

Fortune or karma plays a major role in share trading.  If anyone has the planets to give losses to him in business, then, share trading is not his business.

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For example, the following persons should avoid share trading or business itself and go to jobs only:

(1) Particularly, the Aquarians should avoid share trading because satturn is both the lord of rasi as well as 12 th house that is loos giving.

(2) If in your horoscope, the sixth house is not strong, you should avoid share trading because, sixth house in a horoscope indicates loans, enemies, etc.  If that house or lord of that house is weak, they will face loans.  Therefore, they should be away from share trading.

(3) If anyone has the 11th house in their horoscope strong, they will gain a lot in shares. Weak 11th house cause losses.

(4) The lagna, houses 2, 6 and 11 should be good in their horoscope to gain more in shares or any business.

(5) If the lords of lagna (or) ten (or) eleven resides in the house twelve (or) six (or) eight, they should never involve in any business.  They should go to jobs only.

(6) If Rahu, ketu or mars or satturn resides in the second house, he will face losses in any financial dealings.  He too should not do business, but, go to jobs only.

(7) If the third house is weak, he will not have sufficient courage.  Therefore, he too should avoid doing business.

In India, most of the persons see horoscopes before marriage only.  They do not check their horoscopes before thinking of doing a business.

In my horoscope, I had clear signal that I will suffer in loan.  It happened.  Since I had the fortune provided by the Lord through the Jupiter that aspected my lagna, I came out of loans.


(1) Now, you have acquired some loans.  Fortunately, you have a job.  If possible, send your wife to a job till you clear that loan.  This will support you sufficiently.

(2) If this is not possible, get a long term loan from another bank that needs less EMI of about 25,000 PM and clear this existing loan in a single stroke.  However,  If I am in your place, I will clear the loan as early as possible.

(3) Do some online jobs on Sundays to earn extra.

(4) Your wife may perform some home business like data entry, tailoring, catering, etc., from home itself.

(5) If you have any piece of land, sell it outright and clear the loans either fully or partly.  Do not hesitate to sell the land.

(6) If you have gold, sell 75% of them and clear part of that bank loan.

(7) Since you have lost in share trading twice or thrice, never involve in it in future.  You should have a horoscope that is not favourable for share trading or any business.

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(8) Sell unwanted household things through OLX or Quikr and deposit that amount.  I sold all my excessive belongings that were just occupying the space in my home and gained more than Rs.65,000. I used the above websites for advertising my unused things .  I earned and I also made the space free.

(9) Sell the remaining shares (if any) with you for whatever amount existing now and clear a part of loans.

(10) If your company offers any overseas assignments, take it.  You can earn more and clear major part of loans earlier.

Be patient and allow the time to get the loans cleared in its own course.  At the same time, take the above efforts for easing or clearing the loan issues.

As far as the education of your children is concerned, all companies offer loans/ allowances for the studies of children.  You can manage with that.  Just patiently clear the loans and from the age of 45, lead a life with peace and happiness and never take risky decisions in life since your may have a horoscope that does not permit risky investments.

Till all loans are cleared, have peace in chanting Lord’s names  and worshiping Lord regularly.  I did that only.   Visit temples periodically to gain sufficient strength from Lord.

One day, all your loans would have vanished and you will remain a new man who has learnt sufficient experience in life.

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