Difference between duties and responsibilities! Clear details!

Difference between duties and responsibilities! Clear details!

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“I have a confusion in understanding the difference between duties and responsibilities. Can you please make me understand what is my duty and what is my responsibility. Currently I am working in a PSU company.”


There are some minute difference between duties and responsibilities! It will be interesting to know them.

Duty is the MORAL COMMITMENT to something or someone.  It may be fulfilled or not depending on the local reasons.

Responsibility is the state of being responsible for the work to be completed/ fulfilled at any cost.  No excuses.

So, The term “Responsibility” is more assertive and binding.

If a duty is entrusted to you, you can try to fulfill that duty, but, if your efforts do not succeed, you can get excuse.

Because, the duty is the one given by the others to you. You may like to accept that duty or not. It will come to you getting imposed by others or situation. Since it is not your own choice, you have no compulsion to fulfill the task.

Some times, the social norms may make something as a duty for a person.

For example, it is the duty for an elder brother to see his younger sister married.  This duty is imposed on him by the social norms.

It is the duty of a father or mother to develop his/ her son/ daughter as a good person.  However, they are not responsible if they go wrong though they try their best.

So, the duties may either come naturally or be imposed by others.  We have chances either to fulfill it or say sorry.

Responsibility does not involve excuses.

You take the responsibility of something out of your willingness.

You yourself ascertain that you will fulfill a task.

When the parents die leaving a big debt, it is the duty of the son to clear that loan.  It is expected by others.  However, that son may also escape from that duty saying his inability.  However, if the same son takes responsibility for the clearance of the loans left by his father, it becomes his obligation to complete the loan.

Thus, the Responsibility involves YOUR OBLIGATION TO COMPLETE A TASK.  You should complete it at any cost since you yourself have committed yourself.

A duty may come to you through others or situation, whereas a responsibility is the obligation for you to complete a task as committed by yourself.

Some examples of Duties:

(1) When you walk on the street and if you see the skin of banana, it is your duty to take that skin and throw into a dustbin to avoid someone fall down keeping his feet on that skin.  Here, it is not compulsory. You may even avoid doing so.

(2) If someone has fallen from the vehicle on road and you see it, it is your duty to help him by taking him to the hospital. But, it is not compulsory. You may even avoid doing so.

(3) If a teacher gives a home work to the entire class, it is your duty to complete it.  However, you may also escape from it if you are ready to face the punishments.

Some Examples of Responsibilities:

(1) If the father dies, it is the responsibility for a son or daughter to take care of his mother. He himself will accept that responsibility. If he does not accept the responsibility, others will not take the responsibility. Only the son or daughter is responsible for the maintenance of his parents as per the law.

(2) A person who is employing the people in his company, he is responsible to pay salaries for them. There is no point of escaping from that. It is his obligation.

(3) The parents see a bride for their son. But the son loves a girl and tells them that he will marry that loved girl only.  The parents say that they will not take responsibility if he suffers in his life if he marries that girl. The son too says that he is responsible for his own destiny.

Thus, responsibility involves obligation and compulsion to fulfill something.

Hope you are clear now about the difference between duties and responsibilities!

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