How can a depression affected person follow a peaceful and devotional life?

How can a depression affected person follow a peaceful and devotional life?

A follower (Name hidden) asked like this:

i’ m a depression patient… so i feel very very much trouble from my mind… very frequently depression attack me i can’t do devotion in that time pls help me and pls tell me how to make my mind work for krishna… i want to pure my mind n i want to give my mind to krishna. pls help me….

so pls tell me how to do devotion with my mind pls tell me.  and should i go to any functions to other religious person??? like in my muslim friends wedding?? how to attend that bcz i don’t like to attend in that type of party what to do???


Devotional way of life itself is a remedy for depression.  Then, why should you worry how to follow devotional way of life with the depression?

Forget the depression, entrust yourself to the god and lead a free life. This itself frees you from depression.


Some reasons for depression are:

(i) Being with negative minded people;

(ii) Facing failures very often;

(iii) Being cheated by others often;

(iv) Lack of faith on God and fate;

(v) Thinking/ analyzing anything  too much.

(vi) Sudden disappointment (or) unexpected results/ happenings

(vii) Heredity.

(viii) Lonely life or a life with uncaring people.

Now, Let me give the following tips for you:

(1) Actually, a tablet for depression will be effective for about 8-10 hours only.  That is why doctors prescribe medicines to take twice or thrice a day.  So, if you take the tablets as per the prescription strictly, there will be significant relief from depression.

(2) Never be alone.  Be always with POSITIVE MINDED PEOPLE.  Forget about anything and be cordial with your family and friends.  Talk whatever makes you happy and relaxed.  Play with children that also will ease your mind.

(3) Watch/ hear songs more. You can also watch the spiritual stories, and even some decent and melodious movie songs.  I suggest relaxing spiritual and melodious movie songs for you since you suffer with depression and tightness in the thoughts. Aggressive and noisy tunes should be avoided. Only melodies.

(4) Hear chanting manthras (even using ear phone), but IN A MILD VOICE.  Eg:  Hare Krishna Maha Manthra, Ohm, or Gayathri manthra, etc. Hear melodious devotional songs also.

(5) Go to any tourist spots every week on weekends.  This will relax your mind and recharge it to work next week.

(6) Visit nearest temple every week. Involve more in SINGING BHAJANS & DANCING in front if the deities of Lord.  This too will relax your mind.

(7) As far as studies are concerned, take the exams as unavoidable for all the crores of students.  You alone are not reading.  All the students have this responsibility of studying.  So, try to develop interest in reading lessons.

(8) Importantly, DON’T THINK TOO MUCH of anything.  If any friend hurts you, don’t dig into it.  Take it easy and vacate the place.  Or, thank him/ her for having said so.  This too will relax your mind.

(9) Above all, if you have REAL FAITH in the mercy of God, you will not get disturbed with the situations.  Because you will believe that every happening is good for you and the blessings from God.  So, you will learn to take the happenings normally.

(10) Learn to forgive others and lead your life without comparing with others.   When we compare ourselves with others, we will get agitated and tensed to become LIKE HIM that is never possible.  You are you.  He is he.  You be like yourself.

(11) Do only the jobs in which you are comfortable. Do not do the jobs that makes you disturbed. This later leads to depression.

(12) Chant the Names of the Lord in a mild voice single mindedly.

There are many people who are getting agitated and restless on seeing the performance of others in life.  They are trying their best to come like him. This have made them lose their friendship, peace, sleep and their reliability in the eyes of others as everyone knows that he is agitated on seeing the growth of others.

So,  in addition to the regular tablets given by your doctor, if you follow these advices AND MANY OTHER ADVICES GIVEN IN THIS POST, you can become normal soon.  All the best.

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