How to deal with a person who is a threat to the society, in an ethical way?

How to deal with a person who is a threat to the society, in an ethical way?

“Hare Krishna If we know someone is doing harm to another person indirectly and its going to inflict a lot of pain to a lot of people in future and we have a choice to actually stop it or reduce it. Should we think about dharma and do the right thing to stop it even though its a very difficult process or just think its their karma to face it, so just ignore everything and let things happen as how it should be. Please do help as it involves a few peoples life. ThAnks. Hare Krishna.”


If a person is a threat to a wife, that wife should leave him and settle in her parents’ home and she is allowed to divorce that person.

But, if a person is a threat to the entire society and his actions cause repeated unrest in the society, you should report this to the police.

This is the only way.

After he is punished by law and kept in the jail, he should be given spiritual counselling to reform him from that aggressive nature.

Even in India, the devotees are preaching in prisons.  I too have done once.  I know a devotee who was an ex-convicted prisoner and was reformed as a devotee because of prison preaching.

Thus, we should go as per the existing law of the country.

However, most of the people do not report such a violent guy to the police fearing to be retaliated by that person later after release from the jail.

Of course, it is happening everywhere that the persons coming out of jail kills or punishes the person who reported about him to the police.

If this reporting is done as a forum, the risk will be less.

According to the law of many countries, knowing about an illegal activity and not informing the police itself is a punishable offense.

So, we should report to the police either directly or through a forum like youth association, ladies association, etc.

In case, you fear to report to the police directly or through a forum fearing for the consequences, I have some suggestions that will free you from the retaliation from the accused and convicted person.

(i) Take a paper, write the atrocities of that person in detail without your name and signature and post it as an anonymous letter to the police station and the police commissioner of your city. Send it by ordinary post from another city. Do not use courier or speed post or registered post for this purpose.

(iii) In that letter, don’t mention any point that may reveal your identity. If possible, change yur hand writing as much as possible.  Or, type it in a system, print it out in your own printer and then post.  If you print outside, that person may reveal your identity in future.

(iv) If no steps have been taken for a month, post the same letter in a similar manner again.

(v) If possible, send the copy of the same ananymous  letter to any of the two television channels and news papers/ investigative magazines. The matter will be enquired by them and be flashed in their media.

(v) Don’t use FB or Whatsapp for this purpose because the whereabouts can be found by the convicted person.

(vi) Most importantly, never discuss about that person and the actions taken by you, to anyone including your spouse and children. Keep it utmost secret.  It is equal to broadcasting the matter.  If you discuss about that person, it can be smelled by that convicted person.

This is the best option that helps you in two ways:

(i) You have taken steps to expose that criminal.

(ii) You have not shown your identity and hence you are safe from any retaliation from the convicted person.

Hope this helps you.

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