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“Hi sir I am suffering from depression.  I want to quit my life.”


Depression – the Name itself means insufficiency.

In the meteorological science, the word ‘Depression’ is used frequently.

When there is a depression in an area, that means, the air pressure is low there.

What will happen then?

The air from some other places will come towards the depressed zone to fill the deficiency.  When the air comes with the clouds, it gives rain.

Thus, in the nature’s creations, wherever there is a deficiency, there will be compensation from another place. This will bring rain also.

Similarly, when our mind is depressed that means, the happiness has gone out and hence you feel depressed.  The reasons for the exit of happiness may be the excessive problems or confusions you faced in life.


(1) In this depressed state, there should be some loved one to fill that depressed state with happiness. He/ she should talk to you cheerfully and hopefully building enough confidence in you.

(2) If you do not have a person to fill your depressed mind with happiness, you should find the one.  He/ she may be your friend, relative, parents, brothers/ sisters, etc.  Just look for a person who is always positive and get association from him/ her.

(3) Spend most of the time with cheerful persons.  If you are depressed, you must avoid being alone as much as possible.  It may increase your depression.

(4) Discuss only the lighter topics that will ease your mind.

(5) Watch the comedy channels with your friends or relatives.

(6) Do not watch serious movies or tele-serials.  Only the comedy can help you to relieve your mind from depression.

(7) If you always engaged in a productive work with entertainment in between, you will not get depressed.  Both the work and entertainment should go side by side.

(8) If you perform the same work continuously more than 2 hours, your mind will be affected. Work for an hour or two, then allow a break for about 15-20 minutes and have a leisure in this break. You can take some snacks, read some stories, watch television shows, discuss with others, etc in this break. This will greatly reduce the depression due to work.

(9) Make a tour to new plaes atleast once a month.  Every week, visit your favourite temples and do some prayers there.

(10) If possible, follow Yoga for atleast 10 minutes every day that will make your mind calm.

(11) Chant the names of Lord atleast 108 times every morning.  This will also help for the refreshment of your mind and brain.

(12) Believe that there is Lord and we are His children.  If He gives problems for us, there must be some reasons.  He may want us to get relieved from the problems by tackling them.  It is believed that everyone of us face the reactions of our activities done in our previous births.  We can’t escape from them.  Therefore, no one except ourselves is the cause for all our problems.  Therefore, face them with the faith in God and clear the karma by facing them.  Pray to God to give you enough strength to face the problems successfully.

This way of thinking will give you sufficient strength to face our problems.

(13) If you have any sever health problems, take treatments and pray to God to help you cross the health issues.  That’s all we can do.  Do your best treatment and then face the natural course of events as per your karma.

(14) Mental conviction about the reality of life will be very much helpful to avoid depression.  What is the reality of life?

(i) Everyone has problems. Some suffer financially; some suffer with ill health; some suffer with relatives or friends; some suffer with love failures; some suffer with marital problems; some suffer with childlessness whereas some others suffer with the bad qualities of their children. Thus, problems are inevitable for anyone.  You are not alone.  Others may have other types of problems.

(ii) Every problem comes packed with the solutions or atleast with a purpose.  You have to explore all the possibilities in a balanced mindset and find the solutions.

(iii) If you have a problem, see the people who have more severe problems than you.  This will make your problem small.  For example, if you have kidney stone problems, see the people who are living with cancer. Your problem will become small.

(iv) Believe that man has the permission to take efforts only.  The result will always be with the God. Therefore, just take efforts and be relieved.  Do not confuse yourself with the results.

(15) Since only the exesssive attachment with the bodily things is the cause for our problems, consider yourself as athma/ soul and you are living in this body now.  So, the problems are for body only, not you.  Just be a spectator of your body’s problems.  Since you (soul) have to live in that body with lesss difficulties, just take possible treatments if you face any health problems.  Nothing else can be done by you.


(1) Sorry. Committing suicide is the most serious crime like killing others. Because you too are killing, but yourself.

(2) Suicide may be a one time effort.  But, its after-effects will be more serious.  Some innocent persons (say, parents, brothers, sisters, etc) who are not the cause for your problems will suffer mentally if you commit suicide.

(3) Others believe that you will lead a responsible life though not successfully as expected by them. No one expects others to commit suicide.  If we commit suicide, we are beaching the trust put by others on us.

(4) If we die for the betrayal of a single person, we forget that this world is wide and there are thousands of persons like him/ her to choose from.

(5) If the cause for suicide is love, we forget that Love is the only business in our life.  We have many duties to perform.  If one leaves us, we may get still better person in future that may be the plan of god.  So, we should not conside this world as ending with that girl/ boy.

(6) If anyone thinks of suicide because of some secret violations, he/ she should remember that everyone has committed some kinds of offences in his/ her life.  We aare not alone.  Just resolve that you should not repeat such offences or violations in future.  That’s all.  Nothing to worry.

(7) If the failure in the exam or interview is the cause for suicide, remember, life is not determined with just a single exam.  There are plenty of opportunities to choose and work.  Just explore them and continue.  Do not stick with a single aim.  Have flexibility of getting another opportunity if you did not get one.  This is the reality.

(8) If the job loss is the cause for suicide, please wait.  Another job may be available for you in near future.  Wait and try till that.

(9) If the failures in all your efforts is the cause for suicide, just remember the spider.  It builds its net eventhough we remove them again and again.  Continue to take efforts.  One day, you will get your targetted thing.

(10) Spiritually speaking, committing suicide is the most serious violation of God’s plans.  Everyone is sent to this world to live for a certain period, say, 80 or 90 years. If one commits suicide in the age 30, ie, before the natural death date of 70, he is violating the karma network rules. He will not be allowed to take birth again immediately.  He has to wander without the outer gross body and as a ghost for the next 40 years, ie, till his naturally fixed death date in the age 70 comes.  This subtlle/ invisible body that comprise of mind, intelligence and false ego, will have the feeling of hunger, thirst, sex, etc.  But, because of the absence of the gross body, he can not eat, drink or have sex.  Thus, he has to wander for 40 years with hunger, thirst, sexual desires, etc.

How difficult it is to live without food, water, sex for forty years!  This is the punishment for committing suicide.  He can not enter into any of the worlds until he reaches his natural age of death 70.

Therefore, he will be wandering all over as a ghost.

Instead of dying with the risk of becoming a ghost, we can live for serving God.  Therefore, involve in devotional way of life seriously and serve for God. This will make you forget all the suicidal thoughts and you will see a meaning in your life.

Instead of committing suicide, live for doing some services to God.  This will be the right decision.  Later, you will find the new opportunities in your life and you will feel shy for having thought of suicide in the past.

Just involve in the works that you like most. Do not violate the nature’s laws by committing suicide. Instead, dedicate yourself and work for God.  This will make your life meaningful.

Hope you have understood my points.  All the best.

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