How to control our mind without nervousness & impatience?

How to control our mind without nervousness & impatience?

A girl follower (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Its very tough to control our mind, no matter how much effort we put its really very tough to control. so can you please give some tips how to control the mind & I’m really very impatient. Because of which sometimes I really suffer. So could you please give me some tips how to control the mind & how to be patient ?”


Mind is not an organ made up of flesh to deal through medicines. It is the collection of our thoughts and experiences. So, mind can’t be treated with medicines.

If the recordings and thoughts are dominated with materialistic things, the mind always induces us to involve in materialistic activities.

It is like the tracking system in the internet.  If you search for a house for buying in the internet and visit a site, from your future visits, the sites show the ads related to lands, buildings, sale and buying of houses, etc.  How? Because the cookies record your preferences in the net and thus help you by showing the ads related to your preferences.

Our mind is also like that. If you involve more in materialistic activities, in future, it directs you to involve in materialistic activities more.

Our thoughts make our actions.

Our actions make our habits.

Our habits make our character.

Because of this chain of impacts, our mind is set to a particular way of life because of the thoughts that we allow to enter into the mind.

Mind can’t be controlled forcibly. But, it can be engaged in productive thoughts to make our habit.

For example, the people who have high aspirations of becoming an IAS officer and trying for the same, will not show much interest in silly thoughts and activities.

Once a person asked Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam why he did not get married.  Dr.Kalam replied that he had no time to think of it since he was always engaged in his profesion and service to the country.

Thus, we should change our preferences in life.

If we have a higher goal as our target, we will fully engage in that and hence the mind will be established in that activity only. This will prevent it from thinking of mundane things.

A thief will always be thinking of the houses that are suitable to steal. So, he can’t involve in productive activities.

A scientist will always be tied with the targets. So, he will not have time to think of small problems.

Thus, mind, in fact, is our servant.  It will act in whatever way we engage it.

We are making the mind our owner by allowing it to dominate our activities by engaging it in a particular thoughts.

We are thinking that mind directs us. But, the fact is that we only are directing our mind by engaging our senses in a certain way of life.

So, we only are the cause for the state of our mind at present.

If you give importance for something, it dominates your mind.  If you give importance to cinema, it dominates your mind.  Similarly, if you consider devotion is important in life, you must sacrifice other mundane thoughts to improve in devotion.

We can not avoid distracting elements in life, as wherever we go we will be disturbed.  But, we can keep them away from us, by being aware of our preferences in life.

So, make a review within yourself.   Select your preferences in life.  Select your target. For a student, good score should be his target. Additionally, he should engage his mind in thinking and planning for his future career. If you are always planning for these productive thoughts and actions, your mind will not prefer silly thoughts and actions.

When you  regularly engage your mind in a productive target, in due course of time,  your mind will lose interest in other unwanted aspects.

Nervousness is clearly the cause of expectations. I have advised you to have a target. But, at the same time, you should also be ready for accepting whatever result you get.

As said by Krishna in Bhagavad Gita, we have been empowered to act effectively, but, what we get is not in our hands. So, we should fix our mind in actions towards a target, but, should not fix on the target alone.

Have a target and try for it. You are right till this stage.

Do not fix the result yourself. Anything may happen. Be prepared to face the results you are given. It will be the outcome of our karma, ie, previous actions.

Thinking of karma, we should not lie lazy without aiming for a target. Just try your best. Accept whatever you get happily.

This should be the best way to avoid nervousness.

When we expect ONLY A PARTICULAR RESULT, we will become nervous whether we will get it or not.

So, try towards a target with the preparedness to face both positive and negative results.

In fact, nothing is negative in this world. Something that you consider as negative may do good for you as per the plan of God.  You will get what kind of life will be fit for you.

Accept that and live happily.

Devotional way of life is helpful here that helps you to face everything as the mercy of Lord. But, you should be careful in entrusting everything to God and remain inert without taking efforts. You have the permission to work wisely.  God has the power to give what He finds fit for you.

This mindset will give you peace of mind all the time.

Hope this helps.

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