Can a girl marry before the legal age if she gets a very good boy?

Can a girl marry before the legal age if she gets a very good boy?

A 15 years old devotee girl asked like this (Name hidden):

“i think i like a very good devotee guy, he follows the regulatory principles, participates in the temple morning program, is a very kind person btw the problem is: i have 3 years before my 18th birthday so i currently can’t get married…what should i do? thanks haribol.”


As per the old Indian customs,  a girl could marry before the legal age just after her attending the age. In fact, there were no such laws for age for marriage.

But, it was till the previous century in which most of the marriages were done among the relatives and when most of the males feared for sins.

And, the whole family stood behind every boy and girl who married in their teen age. The new teen age wife will also be playing with other girls in every big family.

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The whole family will attend if there were any issues between that boy and girl.

Many deaths happened during child deliveries as the child births happened in the teen age – even in the age of 15, 16 like that.

If there were 10 children in a family, though 3-4 children die, the other 8-9 children remained.

The people lived in the compound families those days. Every family had 12-15 members.

All the brothers lived with their wives and children within the same big house.

I too lived in such a big family. In my school age, we, all the 12 siblings would sleep in the open veranda next to each other along with our parents.

It was the golden period in my life. The life was very interesting when all of us lived in the same house.

The responsibilities were shared by everyone. None of us felt getting burdened.

No secrets, No secret messages.


Even in my age 20, I did not know how a child birth takes place. I was thinking that the child deliveries were thru anal path.

Such an innocent youth lived those days.

No boy could know the anatomy of a boy or girl before marriage. Only through their spouses, everyone came to know the nature of mnale’s or female’s body.

Many did not know that even after marriage. Ha Ha. Because, those days, matings happened in the dark night only and the wives were shyful to expose themselves and to allow mating under the light.

I have lived in Such a golden period.

What happens now a days?

The boys and girls are aware of everything atleast theoretically or visually before marriage and then enter into marriage as clever boys and girls.

So, the girls have to be cleverer than before to face today’s clever boys who are experts in that knowledge.

So, marrying in the age of 15 may lead to exploitation only because your innocence will be exploited.

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Moat of those who chose their life partners in their teen age have felt for it in their late twenties or thirties.

Because, in the teen age, everything may seem positive and possible.

There will be very less or no knowledge about how the persons of opposite gender may behave in different stages of life.

The boy in the age of 15 may not have the same qualities in his age 25 or 30.

So, if you choose admiring at a boy in your age 15, you will see him as a different boy in his age 25 or 30. He may not be the same boy when he advances in age.

For a marriage, physical maturity alone is not sufficient. The boy and girl should have mental maturity also to face the life.

Because, now a days, the boys and girls live in separate nuclear families.

So, there are more chances for misunderstanding between the boy and girl.

So, for the girls, they should have crossed atleast 21 years of age to have some mental maturity. For boys, they should have crossed atleast 24 years of age.

Your choice may seem safe and perfect now. But, there are more chances for it to go wrong when you and the boy mature in age.

See, todays marriages need to be registered compulsorily because the boys and girls are very clever now a days. If two clever people live together, the issue of ego arises. So, many divorces happen nowadays.

You can’t register your marriage if you marry now. Unregistered marriages done in the illegal age have no legal protection also.

You can’t file a case against the husband if he follows violence or torture. Even legal divorce may not be possible.


Nowadays, the girls look like 18 even in the age of 13 bcause of spicy foods and fast foods, sweets, unwanted thoughts, etc.

But, it is just outer appearance. The physical and mental preparedness will be ok only after the age 21.

So, just focus in studies and devotion in this age. Think of marriage after your age 21. If that boy is reachable at that time and if he agrees, marry that same boy after your age 21.

Do not marry in this childhood age of 15 though you seem to have physically grown.

Hope you follow my advice on whether a girl can marry before the legal age.

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