Abuses and Spiritual learning in Childhood affecting the studies! Tips!

Abuses and Spiritual learning in Childhood affecting the studies! Tips!

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Prabhuji, I want to know what impact does child ……. abuse when 9 years or so and little bit touches, misbehaviour, lusty looks impact our psychology in teenage (I am 18 now).

Till tenth standard I was a student interested in studies as I was very much interested in science and technology but even after getting good marks, I felt that more than learning people are interested just in a thing called self respect. That’s all. As I was reading Gita I felt very morose slowly I lost interest in studies and friends and even parents. After one year or so I came across Prabhupada books after reading “Easy journey to other planets”, I understood what real science is and what are the flaws in science. My second year out of immaturity I argued with my parents and as there was lockdown and I was very much averse to my school study my parents were very upset with me. I felt that my parents don’t encourage what we want and always try to suggest things for societal acceptance. I found this as small black mark and painted their whole character black.

Now, after reading your posts and my own experience I understood that they have wisdom because of age which I did not care. Now I want to rectify my mistakes and focus on studies. But since I practically neglected my my education completely in crucial intermediate, I am finding it very very difficult to focus to balance devotion and life. I understood that I need expert guidance. I searched for devotee professors in universities and found one very sincere devotee. Though I want to go and learn I need admission for which I must study.

But my mind is so distracted. Suddenly something bad in past I remember I feel agitated. I lose focus. I lament for my past. I want to study such and such things but I completely forget. I don’t have anyone to guide. So I felt if you can tell your advice on my decisions and guide me with my problems it will of great help to me. Thank you very much.”


You have two issues:  Having faced childhood ……abuse and having got confused by reading deeply about the spirituality in your young age of early teens.

I think that this is the honest media that has been writing NOT TO LEARN ADVANCED CONCEPTS of the spirituality in the school age, but focus only in memorizing slokas, chanting (Japa) and following perfect discipline while doing school studies.

I have been writing like that ONLY AFTER CLOSELY WATCHING EVEN 7 OR 8 YEARS OLD CHILDREN sitting in the Sunday Gita and Bhagavatham classes along with their parents and are hearing the lectures keenly.


The speakers too are not aware that these small children are sitting among the audience and speak whatever they know to the audience.

They speak like this world is the place of miseries and temporary…this world is not for us….the scientists are fools…..people are cheaters…..like that.

See, the children are in the age of playing with dolls, learning alphabets, etc. When I studied, English language classes started only from the class 3, ie., from the age 8. Till that, they were teaching local language, songs, memorable verses, etc.

The reason is that the teachers should feed the tough contents gradually in the young children’s minds.

There is a code in cultivating the children. We should feed only the digestible contents suitable to every age. If we feed the contents meant for the age 18+ to the children of age 7 or 8, they can’t take right decisions by analyzing the contents. They will just accept and follow what they read or heard.  They may become over-matured and lose their childhood freedom.

Can you accept a 7 years old child watching a movie having violent contents? Then, why should we allow our 7-8 years old children to hear the advanced lectures in which the preachers speak the contents meant for elders?

Do you know why the girl children attain puberty even in the age of 7 or 8 nowadays? One of the reason is watching matured contents in television, mobile phones, etc., even from their childhood that induces the early secretion of estrogen harmone. So, they attend the age even in their age of 7 or 8 nowadays. Another reasons may be the spicy and fast food habits.

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That is why I have been writing against common preaching for all the people in a single assembly and regulation of media.

You are also a victim of abuses and spiritual learning in Childhood.

You are not responsible for those abuses in the childhood. It exposes the hidden character of many persons.

Listen well. It is a very horrible thing that these incidents have happened to you.

But it’s not good to punish yourself for that. Because, you are not wrong.

What can you do when they misbehave with a child who is not old and mature enough to know that men behave like this?

Why should you punish yourself as a sinless child when they are happy even after committing serious violations?

According to our scriptures, mistakes and sins made by a less than12-years-old children are not taken into account as a sin.

Our law also places minors in reformatory schools to punish them for their misdeeds. So, walk boldly with your head held high.

After all, what is the justification for hating all the males because so many males are wrong?

Is it possible to avoid flying by airplanes just because some air accidents happen now and then?

Can we suspect all the doctors because there are some fake doctors out there?

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If some products are adulterated, don’t we buy good products and use them?

Don’t you skip the bad movies and watch the good ones?

Are the people not getting married because of the increasing number of divorces in the world?

Can’t you believe that there are males as good as your father?

So, believe that there are good males also and in every field there are both good and bad persons.

Why should you spoil your whole future life thinking of childhood happenings for which you are not the cause?

Though a person had committed violations in their matured age, he can get immunity by reforming himself and following a clean life hereafter. Then, why should you fear for childhood happenings done by some dirty guys?

Anyone can decide to lead a clean life hereafter and get pardon for his past mistakes.

As a child, you are not an offender at all though you had willfully involved and permitted those violations.

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Yes, this world has both the positives and negatives. Everyone would have faced some kind of negatives. Even when a girl travels by a crowded city bus or train, she faces many disturbances from dirty boys and even old men. Are they avoiding travel by bus or train?

We should always try our best to avoid willful sins and violations. If any such things happen out of our will and control, we need not cry for that and spoil our life.

We should become stronger in our position and make others fear to come near us with ulterior motive.

So, stop worrying about the effects of the abuses and spiritual learning in Childhood. you faced in your childhood and plan for a bright future.

Study a course that you get in your city itself and come up in life. Do not fix your mind with any single goal. Have two or three choices and shine in the one path that you are gifted as per your karma.

Hope these tips help you to deal with the abuses and spiritual learning in Childhood.


Author: RAJAN

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