I am worried for being fatty.  So, I hate this world.  Please guide me what to do?

I am worried for being fatty.  So, I hate this world.  Please guide me what to do?

A female devotee who likes to be anonymous, asked like this:

“I believe that everything is predetermined and i wanna follow hermit life. I am 22 years old girl. I hate this entire world. I am very fat so my parents are feeling bad but i think this is god’s wish. I dont know whether thus is right. I am not good eater but i am fat. My mind is full of stress or to be true i am more confused”


Being fatty is not an issue to worry about.  Because, you can walk, think, do your works on your own.

Do you know that there are people who have no legs, hands, hearing inability, etc?  Can you imagine the problems faced by the visually challenged people?  Do you know how they live fully in dark even without seeing the beauties of this world?  Have you seen such visually challenged people selling, singing and earning?


Have you ever thought of the agony faced by the parents and relatives of mentally challenged people?  They can’t think and maintain themselves.  Their parents have to face the agony till they die.  Even after the death of the parents, the mentally and visually challenged people face unexplainable problems in this society without anyone to take care of them.

Have you ever thought of a family who has no child at all?  Have you seen girls and boys who have not got married even after they crossed their age for marriage?

Have you seen those unfortunate people who are living on platforms in rain and sun?

Have you ever thought about the mental agony faced by those innocent girls who were physically exploited by anti social elements?

Are you aware that there are 1000s of people who are living with diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc?

Just think it over.  Who is living happily in this world?

Will you be happy if you have a slim body?  Do you know how many slim people have committed suicide because of so many problems?


Problems are everywhere.  For everyone.  No one is immune to problems.  The nature and magnitude of problems may be different for everyone. That’s all.

The writer of this article, ie, me, have taken just one time food  a day during my school studies.  I used to go to school with a single trouser with a hole in the back side after washing it every evening?  I was poked by school friends as ‘Post Box’ on seeing a hole in the trouser.  One day, a naughty boy collected some stones and put them inside that trouser hole.  I cried on that day.  My problems were the playful things for others.

Since our family could not afford English medium private schools, I studied in the Government school only in my regional language Tamil. But, I had a desire to learn some English. Since I was living in a village in my student period, I had no opportunity to mingle with English knowing people.  Still, I managed by associating with an old man. I learnt some English in the smokes of cigar.  Why?  In my area , there was only one person, a retired man, who was purchasing English News paper.  But, our family could not afford to purchase to buy paper.

But, I wanted to improve my English by reading English News paper.  That retired man was 4 houses away from our house.  Every day, in the morning, I would go to his house.  He would light a cigar on his mouth and start to read The News paper.  After reading every page, he would give that sheet to me.  I would be reading that paper for about 30 minutes bearing that nasty smell of cigar smoke exhumed by him.  Thus, I improved my English to SOME EXTENT.

I also learnt some English by hearing the BBC WORLD SERVICE Radio News Bulletins and the English news bulletins of All India Radio. If I had hesitated to bear that cigar smokes, I won’t have learnt English.

That is why, I am encouraging others now in a hope that others should boldly face the life irrespective of their inabilities.

Thus, everyone has a story behind him.  So, don’t think that you alone are suffering.  In fact, yours is not at all a suffering.  Meet a doctor and take treatment for  obesity or thyroid problems.  It can be corrected now a days.

You may also read this post that will help you:  20 EASY TO FOLLOW WEIGHT LOSS TIPS TO REDUCE FAT AND BODY WEIGHT NATURALLY!

If you take steps with hope, you can reduce weight.  Even if you remain fatty, no problem in that.  There are many successful personalities with fatty body.  Above all, 50% of girls who are slim before marriage, become fatty after the delivery.  So, stop worrying for body and just proceed with fulfilling your ambitions in life.

See those who are lower in status than us and who have more serious problems than us.  You will thank God for your healthy status now. If you feel for being fatty, think of the persons who have so many problems in their body and mind.

Just take some steps as suggested in the above link. If you succeed, fine.  If not, accept the reality that appearance depends on the genes in our cells. We can do some small alterations, but, we can’t change anything totally.

All the best.


Author: RAJAN

Having a long observation and association with all sections of people for decades, Rajan is promoting online media in different platforms including this blog website to guide lakhs of regular followers to prevent and solve their problems. He gives complete Counsellings and Tips on Medical, Health, Psychological, Women safety, Child safety, Issues in Family Relations, Love, Marriage, Personal life, etc.! His services have helped thousands of people to come out of negative thoughts and to change their way of approaching the problems in their life and hence he is considered as their trusted FRIEND to share the problems and get them counselled. He is also well known to follow strict confidentiality in his counselling services.

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