What if others use me for their selfish motives though I help them?

What if others use me for their selfish motives though I help them?

A male follower (Name hidden) asked:

“I saw u giving very valuable guidance to people who approached u. I too have a very humble request to u plz help me out or i will be lost within myself. I always try my best to help everbody..i love everybody from my heart..i understand everybody problems bt when it comes my turn there z not even a single person who understand me. Even my friends always make use of me and never understand me and underestimate me..I pray to Lord krishna daily to help me out to either live in this world or plz take me out of this selfish world where there is no value of love, honesty,care,humanity.. My confidence is totally demolished and my brain does not work at all..I know this world is selfish and i should concentrate on my karma but wn somebody does something wrong with anybody i am not able to watch that not i am able to help him..No doubt, i too live in this kalyuga and also do mistakes bt when somebody does something wrong with somebody i become sad and depressed.. I’m not able to do justice with myself, my family, my profession and so on..plz plz plz help me..”


This feeling of loss of hope have come to you because, you expect that others should never commit mistakes.  That is not possible.  Everyone of us commit mistakes.  You say that they are selfish.  I tell you 90% of the world population is selfish.

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For example, you like to go to Varanasi from Patna on an urgent trip.  You have not reserved ticket for you. You come to the Patna Junction to board a train bound to Varanasi.  There is heavy crowd in the train and the passengers are travelling by standing. It is very difficult even to stand. This is the last train for that day from Patna to Varanasi.  There will be no bus also at that time. What you will do?  You will somehow board the train and travel atleast by standing BEARING THE DIFFICULTIES. Because, you must go there at any cost.

Same case in our life. Because of our past karma, we have taken birth in this world like this and face both good and bad reactions. You have been asked to live in this world for many decades and face everything.  This is like a jail. You can not escape from this jail. Because the justice department, ie,  Karma network is making you to face everything that prevents your escape.

Though you like to escape from this jail in the middle by committing suicide, you will first face the punishment of ghost body till your natural death date comes and then take birth again and continue to face every nonsense again. So, it is childish to get upset for the thing that can never be corrected by you.

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We have to live with selfish people only.  If they have anything good, let us utilize it. Otherwise, just live this life as just a spectator of all the events.

Never involve yourself in any of these negative activities and insulate yourself from the negatives of others as much as possible.

At the same time, stop worrying about other selfish people.  They will be corrected by God through similar karmic reactions by giving suitable experiences in due course of time.

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Just advise them once or twice.  If they do not correct themselves, stop worrying about them. It is very difficult to correct the nature of a serious offender. Unless he faces severe experiences through others, he will review himself.

If a person is sentenced to jail for 3 years by the higher courts, he must compulsorily live in that jail for 3 years.  If he escapes from that jail he will be caught by police again and again jailed with extra months of jail term for having escaped. At the same time, many prisoners learn a lot from the jails and come out as good people.

Similarly, you have been sentenced to the maximum of 100 years of imprisonment here. You can not escape till the fixed term ends.  If you escape, you will be again sent here by karma network.

So, if possible, you can change atleast one person. Nothing else can be done by us.

So, instead of worrying for the things that are inevitable, concentrate in your assigned duties and chosen devotional practices that may help you to forget the negatives of the people of this world.

And  I always remember, Good People give us happiness; bad people give us lessons.

Whenever, someone upsets me, I think of my creator.  The worry goes out and I get the strength to face such people.

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Try  my technique.  You will be relieved from all your pains.

All the best.

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