This is an article to show how the men cleverly made the women led society as male dominated.

Do you know, thousands of years ago, when the social structures were not formed, the people were wandering here and there led by women?

Do you know that during the ancient period of Hindus Valley Civilization (North) and Dravidian civilization (South), ie, before 3500-4000 years (200-1500 BC), all the women enjoyed their due of freedom of speech and lead? Both men and women worked and earned and took care of their living needs. They enjoyed together with no restrictions.. The men lived for women and vice versa. There were no system of marriage during this period.  Any men and women can have physical relations during that period.  So, the children/ generation were considered based on mother because it was not clear who the father may be. So, mother centered society.  Mother based generations.  No suppression of women during this period, ie, long before 4000 years.  Women were respected since they give birth and produce generations.

When the Aryans entered India between 1500-2000 BC, they established father centered generations. Even during this aryan’s/ vedic period of father centered society, the women were given all the freedom to choose their spouse (Gandharva marriage), to speak in the forum/ family, to decide, etc.  They enjoyed all the respects during vedic period. The women were allowed to marry again after the death of husband during the Aryan/ vedic period. They involved in all the vedic rituals and dharmic acts along with husband as SAGA DHARMINI.

The people were doing only hunting going here and there. Then, they started to involve in agriculture and cattle management, etc.  So, the people started to build houses, reside in a single place and formed families. Now, the men started to go out for earning keeping their wives at home.  So, the earning men started to consider themselves to be superior and the women were started to be considered just as house maintaining maids and children bearing machines.

The women were involved in cooking and giving birth to more and more children and taking care of them.  These were made their only jobs.  The family structure was very comfortable for the men to enjoy the company of wives.

So, “women at home, men outside” culture was strongly established for the convenience of men.  When “MY WIFE” concept became strong, the men feared for other men involving in the affairs with his wives.  So, Gradually the women were made housewives and they could not go out to work and earn.

During this period, the women were not allowed for remarriage and she was allowed to marry only one man whereas the men married twice or thrice.  If he did not get a child through a wife, he married another girl.  The women could not remarry for the same reason.

Since more and more children were born for a single couple, the child care became the full time activity of women.  Child care, giving pleasure to husband, cooking –  that’s all the women were allowed to learn those days.

This cleaver act of sidelining of women by men continued in spite of the scientific and industrial growth. The women are given less salary than men even now in many places.  Male domination exists even in the work environments.  Women are considered as glamour pieces in cinemas and media.  The magazines sell more by publishing glamorous pictures of women on the cover and inside pages.

Women are shown like pleasure giving dolls in the internet websites.  The people who see those films approach women with the same mindset that reduces the value of women much.

Just because a few thousand women show their bodies and act in ugly scenes for want of money, they spoil the image/ respect of entire women community.

Thus, women are being used as s…..x symbols after the end of vedic period and till date.

Even now, the following type of brilliant discrimination are shown against women that shows the true intentions of men:

(1) All men are called Mr., whereas women are separated as Miss and Mrs and a Thali (Mangal Sutra) also to show that she is married.  No such differences and symbols for men.

(2) Some words denote men only. Women are neglected.  Eg:  Manpower Service, Boycott, Craftsman, Mankind, Statesman, Masterpiece, Freeman, History (‘His story’ became history).

(3) Virginity is imposed on women whereas no such impositions for men.

(4) Men praise women as soft, emotional, and also call them fools in songs but their true intention should be to keep them aside for indoor jobs only.

(5) Men can become old, but, the women were noted/ commented when they advance in age.

(6) Men are meant to fight back whereas women are meant to be patient and forgiving.

(7) They wrote many scriptures that were full of discrimination against women. Vedas did not speak so. Only the intermediate puranas and some rule books wrote so.

(8) Boys enjoy full freedom in all ages whereas girls are denied freedom once they attend the age of puberty.

(9) If there is no child for a couple though because of the impotency of men, only the women were accused and the men married again.

(10) In cinemas, the heroes come with full dress whereas the girls come with a small piece of dress showing most of their bodies.  The hero dance with a coat and tie with a two piece worn heroine.  Such a cruel enjoyment mindset of men.

(11) In cinemas and working places, the women are exploited behind the scenes.  Most of them do not disclose this out in a fear of retaliation or defamation.

(12) The children are taught in schools like this:  MOTHER GIVES LOVE; FATHER GIVES KNOWLEDGE. This finishes that mothers can’t give knowledge.  Such a clever discrimination.

(13) The children are taught “There is no temple like mother; There are no manthras like the words of father.”

(14) Even in this era of napkins that protect the women for 8 hrs, the women in monthly periods are kept aside even now a days in some families.  Whereas dirty men are allowed to enter into the houses.

(15) If a girl is raped, she finds it difficult to find a groom for her. Whereas the boy who did that easily gets another girl.

Thus, there are so many discrimination for women after the end of vedic period.  Before that, they enjoyed all their due of freedom.

Now, it is the time to allow the women to have all their due of freedom.  The situation is improving slowly.

But, a dangerous culture is also growing.  The women too have started to do all the violations that the men were doing so far. Many women consider that women freedom means the freedom to commit violations like men.  This is dangerous.  Purity is common for both men and women. Violation is a violation though it was done by either man or woman.

So, fight for the genuine freedom for women, not to involve in violations also.

Then, what is the difference between men and women if both of them commit violations?

Author: RAJAN

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