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“Before period of every month… most of the month i feel sense disturbances (desire) but being unmarried it can not be fulfilled that’s why i feel very aggressive mode or become very aggressive… it’s happen from some months before that i haven’t feel any desire… what to do prabhuji my age is 23… is it a disease or just natural??? is it cureable by gaining gita knowledge…??? if possible then how to do it pls help prabhuji and pls hide my name

pls tell how to control this desire and also getting love and care from other desire how to get rid from this desires and all type of desires??? pls help.”


This is natural for many girls and is generally called as Pre Menstrual Symptoms (PMS).

Actually, some women feel down before periods and some others like you feel up before periods.

But, almost all the women feel down for a few days after the periods. This is general trend.

The reason for this UP and DOWN in the feelings can be understood by knowing about the PMS.


In the women, two hormones account for menstruation:

(1) Estrogen

(2) Progesterone.

After the menstruation (periods) is complete, the body starts to prepare itself for ovulation. So, it releases these two hormones to do this task.

When the date of the menstruation nears, there may be two cases:

(1) In some women, the secretion of Estrogen may be more than Progesterone.

(2) In some other women, the secretion of Progesterone may be more than Estrogen.

If the secretion of Estrogen is more, the desires/ disturbances go up.

If the secretion of Progesterone is more, the desires/ disturbances comes down.

Both the cases are possible.

In your case, the secretion of Estrogen must be more. So, you have more disturbances.

Medically, it is normal and nothing to worry.

Some women may also have menstrual abnormalities. The usual quantum of menstruation during the entire term of periods may be about 5-6 tablespoons. Usually, they may have to change the pads (napkins) every 6-8 hours.

For some women, this quantum may be very high, say, even 20-30 table spoons (In extreme cases, it may be even more than that) and they will find it difficult to change the pads every hour or two.

These excessive bleeding occurs because of harmonal abnormalities.

But, the matter of FEELING HIGH or DOWN is related to the amount of two harmones secreted as discussed above.

This is not a disease or a factor to worry.

Having more secretion of Estrogen and less progesterone is not to be worried. Most of the women have this symptom.

Usually, the menstruation will be regular if the women receive more excitement in emotions through the male. Because such thoughts and excitement causes more secretion of these two harmones. Hence regular menstruation.

If they have less contact with the male, or less thoughts of males, there may be irregularities in menstruation. Because the secretion of these harmones may be less or irregular.

The point is that women having the opportunity of more excitement have healthy cycle of menstruation.

So, a healthy menstrual cycle is related to the healthy personal life style of the couples or the thoughts of the unmarried girls.

The harmones need some inducement to ssecrete properly. This inducement is obtained through contacts with male or thoughts on it.

Many women feel pain before the monthly cycle of periods. At the same time, they get some excitement also.

A healthy and regular personal life with the husband is recommended to have a healthy cycle of periods after marriage.


(1) Take bath twice a day in the slightly cold water.

(2) Involve more in devotional practices such as chanting, reading spiritual books, visiting the temples, etc.

(3) Busily involve in your assigned duties. Do some exercises or atleast walk for 2-3 kms every day.

(4) If you are married, have close contacts with the husband.

(5) If not yet married, try for marriage and marry a boy and start a healthy life.

(6) Avoid the foods that induce these two harmones. Usually, the foods having more spicy items and non vegetarian foods induce these two harmones.  So, avoid them atleast 10 days before the usual menstrual date.

(7) Have satvic (less spicy and veg) foods such as curd rice, dhall, vegetable soup, vegetable curry and vegetable based preparations.

(8) Reduce taking the foods that contain more iron and Vitamin B-Complex and C just for a week before menstrual date. Take more of them for the 20 days after the menstruation.  Do not reduce these foods for the whole month. It may affect the health.

(9) Have more friendship with those who do not give importance to the activities and discussions related to the inducing matters.

(10) Do not take more iron supplements. Instead eat the vegetables and citrus fruits more. However, those who have irregular periods may take iron supplements along with the B-Complex after consulting the doctor. Reduce the intake of meat, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, salt and refined sugar.

(11) If you have excessive bleeding, reduce iron supplements and reduce the thoughts and actions that induce your harmones.

(12) Always keep yourself busy with some useful duties.

(13) You need not take medicines for this excessive excitement because this is not abnormal. Just make changes in your life style and thoughts and be busy in some useful activities. It is enough.

(14) Consult a Gynacologist and act as advised by her. The doctor may prescribe some tablets that reduce the secretion of these harmones. However, this can be avoided because this is not an issue aat all.

(15) Follow the above tips for one week before the menstruation. After menstruation, your emotions will come down automatically since your body will be busy with preparing for next ovulation.

Hope this helps.

Author: RAJAN

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