Is the Voice of Conscience the Voice of God to avoid ill directions of mind?

Is the Voice of Conscience the Voice of God to avoid ill directions of mind?

A male devote (Name hidden) asked like this:

“I would like to thank you deeply for guiding me. I needed your guidance in a couple of aspects. I wanted to open up and have your guidance. Sorry if some of them I could not explain properly.

1. I wanted to send my Horoscope for a detailed analysis……………………..

2. I have speaking sounds within myself. I do not know which is mind, which is conscience.

A. One is my own speech and thoughts which I can realize, yes I am speaking this, I am thinking this.

B. Then there is one sound which keeps wandering and speaking something mundane and materialistic thoughts and visuals. Visuals I mean like video games, movies etc and distract me. Also when I procrastinate or when I feel tempted for something like chocolates this is that sound coming up. Maybe I can call this Evil One. I am not able to control it. IT pops up suddenly, then vanishes.

C. Then there is Good One. It stops me from doing something stupid. Like whenever I am confused, it logically says the points on both sides and which action is better. Sometimes, says some teachings I learned from Bhagavad Gita or anything I have learned and states which action is better. This sound comes immediately after the evil sound like WAIT. What are these and how can I control this?

4. I do not know why I fear everyday whether I have offended the Lord or his devotees. I do not why I have this fear every time?

Sorry for my long email. I was worried for a long time with them. I really needed your guidance. Eagerly waiting for your guidance. Hare Krishna.”


Both the mind and conscience are not the organs made up of tissues.

They are the collection of data recorded in our body as sukshma (subtle) body that is made up of Mind, Intelligence and false ego.

Mind is the collection of all the thoughts and experiences we faced in this life and in the previous lives.

Out of these recordings of current and previous lives, the data of the current life is kept open. The data of the previous lives have been kept in hidden format like windows operating system’s system files that are kept hidden that can not be accessed easily without permission.


Though these files are hidden in an operating system (O.S), only these hidden files operate the whole O.S.

Similarly, whatever we thought and did in our previous lives have been recorded in the mind as hidden (forgotten) files.

That is why, we forget all we did in our previous lives though they are still in our mind even now as hidden files.

When we change and take a new body after death, the new birth’s thoughts and actions are recorded in the open files that we can remember, but, the thoughts and actions of our previous body is safely kept in the hidden folders of mind.

The character and incidents that have to be implemented in our current birth is fixed/ decided based on the recordings of our previous births present in the hidden files.

Then, in our current life, while facing our previous karma, we also add new karma that are also recorded in our mind as karma in sukshma (Subtle) body.

This collection of current and previous data is called as mind.  SO, MINDZ is a DATA. Brain is the administrator to manage these data of mind.

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Conscience is the voice of intelligence.

In general, the conscience reminds us the truth and dharma only.

It need not be necessary that our conscience should give us perfect knowledge.

The recordings in the conscience is of the level and depth upto which we have learnt the dharma through parents, teachers, spirituality, etc.

Intelligence is at the higher level than the mind.

In other words, mind can be directed by the Conscience, ie, intelligence.

But, the Conscience, ie, intelligence can not be directed by the mind, but can be induced and corrupted by mind like Viruses corrupt the system..

We can say that the Conscience is the master for the mind that reminds the mind about the dharma (Righteousness).

When we hear the voice of Conscience, ie, intelligence, we can prevent our mind from committing new sins.


But, here our false ego interferes.

Our false ego prevents us from hearing the voice of Conscience, ie, intelligence and hence we dare to commit sins.

In another angle, Conscience, ie, intelligence is the representative of God.

Yes, Conscience, ie, intelligence may be the Voice of God.

I am not bluffing, but speaking the fact.

Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita (7-10) that He is the force behind the Intelligence.

So, I said that our Conscience, ie, intelligence is the Voice of God.

Whenever we are tempted by our mind to commit a sinful action, God, in the form of Conscience, ie, intelligence, warns the mind in a subtle way.

“This is wrong. Don’t do this”

But, our mind does not hear this in all occasions.

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Those who have less false ego, hear the voice of Conscience, ie, intelligence and escape from sins. Those who have more false ego, in spite of the voice of Conscience, ie, intelligence, dare to commit sinful acts.

This is the mechanism of mind, Intelligence and false ego.

The voice you have mentioned is of that type only.

It seems that your Conscience, ie, intelligence is more alert to protect you from violations.

You need not fear for it and it is good.

However, the voice of Conscience, ie, intelligence is subtle, ie, without voice but just a subtle reminder of dharma.

You have mentioned that actual voice comes to u.

It may be the over-action or over sensitivity of brain that houses the mind and intelligence.

If it is the actual voice, just consult a psychiatrist and take some simple tablets for oversensitivity of brain. It will go.

Then, the voice of Conscience, ie, intelligence will be subtle and silent for you too.

Hope you are now clear about whether the Voice of Conscience the Voice of God to avoid ill directions of mind.

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