What if all the family members don’t trust you and your truthful words?

What if all the family members don’t trust you and your truthful words?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“anna these days i face a lots of problems. I feel situation being against me i lost my job i lost my loved ones’ and family’s trust due to a girl whom i never met. some people make my individuality as a wrong or a bad person. once i helped a girl for her exams n after that, she fell in love for me but i said no to her as i already told her that i have already loved one and i want to marry her.

But from that day, she tries to blackmail me to be her friend & I blocked her from all sides then she sent those msgs to that girl whom i want to marry. Anna the situation is my the girl i want to marry thinks that I m a bad guy due to her half truth n half false msgs.

I told all this story to my father also but he also not trust on my words. Anna pls tell me what i should do now i dont wana lose anybody but the situations being worst i regularly pray to god for her.


Always keep in mind:  If you have more money and status, others will respect you.  If you lose job and be idle, the same persons may slowly start to leave you. Even the family members don’t trust you if you do not show material success.

In this iron age, the people do not like to declare themselves as a devotee fearing for what others may think about them.  We are living in such a society with false perceptions and preferences.

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In this material world, all the pleasures come with a byproduct of pains. This is an universal fact.

Until we are involving in the friendship, love, etc., with the materialistic people, these things will happen.  Kaliyuga is the yuga of quarrels. Kalipurusha utilizes our every material activity to make us trapped in troubles.

For example,

If we involve in love based on materialistic considerations, it is the gate for the issues to enter.  The material nature forcibly tries to bind us strongly in that love bondage.

This bond makes the expectations grow among both the persons involved in love. When expectations do not get fulfilled, problem starts.

Same applies for friendships for material reasons. Material reason means, entertainment, time pass, dry chats, parties, get-together, etc. Even among the friendships, everyone expects respect for their feelings. Sometimes, ego comes up. These factors cause strain in friendships also.

If you take materialistic marriage life, there is always the risk of ego clashes. If the wife earns more than the husband, some husbands get a kind of ego or inferiority complex. There are problems because of personal reasons also. Husbands and wives have different preferences in life that causes issues.

Problems arise between parents and children too, because of generation gap. Usually, some parents believe that their children could have done mistake because of their critical age.  This is due to the lack of proper understanding between them.

Thus, material relations are always risky.

In your case, you may not have done any mistakes. However, since you have involved in material relations with friends and love, these things will definitely happen. This is unavoidable in material relations. First you should understand this bitter fact.

Now, what you have to do is to be patient as TIME IS THE BEST HEALER FOR ALL ISSUES. If you skip all the problematic relations and remain calm managing your daily routines without oscillations, in about six months or one year, everyone will forget the past. If you do not care that blackmailing girl, and remain duty bound, she herself will stop in future because she is doing so expecting some response.

Be patient and remain calm for about an year. Till that avoid new relations and confusions. Work, earn and lead life peacefully.


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If you engage yourself in productive activities, these silly things will not arise.

When you enjoy a higher taste, you will lose interest in lower tastes.

So, Think higher; Engage yourself all the time in productive acts.

Then, you will find no time to involve in these silly matters that are related to the satisfaction of your senses.

If a dog tries to have pleasure but fails in it, it will be crying helplessly.  The people too are worrying for not getting sufficient sense satisfaction.

Then in what way we are different from the dogs?

Only we can think higher beyond these sense gratifying activities.

Start to lead and enjoy a devotional way of life.  Make your life meaningful and worthy.

You will automatically start to lose interest in materialistic activities.

Though your parents accuse you, it will not affect you because you are busy.

In another angle, if you become busy, the parents and others may stop talking about you.

Because, your image would have gone up as you are busy in productive activities.

Try and tell me whether the situation in which the family members don’t trust you has changed or not.

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