(1) If you like to just share lighter comments, views on any topic, you can start a blog as similar to (though not as an alternative) having a Facebook Page or Twitter page, and write whatever you want in it.  No writing skills are required for the same.  You can invite your family and friends to follow your blog that shares family functions, some ideas, etc.

(2) If you have some knowledge on any particular topic such as garment making, craft making, travel, touring, cooking, drawing, etc, you can start a blog and write whatever you know about a particular topic.

(3) If you are able to educate the students on their school or college subjects, you can start a blog on your related subject. Eg:  Blog on Chemistry or Physics or Mathematics or economics or history or on any other subject of any class/ standard.  This will be used by the students who are studying in that particular class.

(4) You can also start a blog on any All India Entrance Exams such as AIEEE, IIT-JEE, NEET, etc.

(5) You can also start a blog on short stories, historical characters, spiritual characters, spiritual topics, etc.

(6) You can also start a blog to post cartoons, Jokes, political reviews, sports, etc.

In general, you can start a blog on any topic that is legal.


(1) MOST IMPORTANT:   Post only the newly created contents that are your own product.  Never post the contents that are copied from any other blog, website, printed book, etc.

(2) It is also wrong to make some slight changes in the contents of others and post it.  The search engines like Google will find out what you did and there will be chances for your getting banned in the search results. Or, you may invite legal actions from the original authors of the contents.

(3) Be a responsible blogger with a self discipline.  Never post the contents that are against the national and international security, laws, etc.  Blogs on creating groups for anti national or illegal activities, sense inducing, hate speech, exploitation of children, destroying the peace, etc must be avoided to remain safe all the time.  If these contents are posted, you have the risk of getting banned by the search engines, blogging platform, hosting provider, etc.  In addition to that, you also have the high risk of getting caught by the police.

(4) Never think that you are independent and untraceable in the internet though you are not posting your own solitary or remote location or address.  Posting from any corner of this world anonymously can be easily found out by the authorities if you violate the national and international security or any other above mentioned violations.  By using your device IP address that is recorded by the Internet Service Providers (ISP) or Hosting Provider and the signal tower  and the reaching point of the signals, your exact location can be easily identified by the authorities.  Therefore, use the blogs or websites in a responsible manner.

(5) Though you can comment on any topic using the freedom of expression, it should not violate the decency level and there should be no personal attacks.

(6) In general, use the blogging only for legally knowledge sharing and genuinely social purposes.  Because anyone can be watched from any corner of the world.

(7) Everyone is busy in this world and no one has any obligation to read our boring stories.  Therefore, ensure you are going to write only quality and useful contents and most importantly in an interesting way and to the point.  If you feel that you do not have such a kind of writing skills, either learn how to write articles and then blog or avoid blogging.


Now, you have to decide in which platform to start a blog.

There are generally two options:


There are many blogging platforms available. Five well known popular examples are:





Out of these Five free blogging platforms, Blogger and are very popular. However, you can choose any platform out of the above.

My recommendation to the starters is the first two blogging platforms:

Blogger allows you to use your own CUSTOM DOMAIN NAME like our blogs

We will see in detail in our other posts about choosing the free blogging platforms by analyzing the features in them.


This requires sufficient knowledge and regular investment of money that can be gained with a sincere attempt to learn from different sources.

To do this, YOU NEED (i) A PURCHASED DOMAIN NAME,  (ii) A HOSTING PROVIDER TO HOST YOUR BLOG (Like renting the space in the internet to keep your contents through a Content Management System (CMS) like WORDPRESS, CDN (Content Delivery Network, etc).

Here, you will need to take care of the maintenance of your blogs including the security, updating the programs and CMS, backing up your blog regularly to be used in case of any future needs, adding additional features, managing the renewals of domain names, hosting accounts, trouble shooting, etc.

We may also have to use CDNs, ie, Content Delivery Networks as they host your site from many locations of this world to make your blog or website easily accessible from any corner of this world.

We will see in detail how to start a Self hosted blog and its differences with the free platforms, in another post.

We are going to see all the features and the tutorials of starting a blog and site making in this blog.  Follow them one by one.


You may straightaway start as a self hosted wordpress blog like ours.  But, till you learn all the blogging techniques and trouble shooting, you may have to bear the cost of domain and hosting costs for atleast six months or one year.  If it is okay for you, start a self hosted blog straightaway.

However, you may also start a blog in any of the above free blogging platforms till you learn the blogging techniques and then switch all the contents to the Self hosted version later, but, before you develop so much of traffic.  Because, switching to the self hosted blogs after getting so many followers in the free platform may result in losing the traffic we gained in the previous free blog.  Therefore, if you start a free blogging platforms and later like to switch, do it within about 3-6 months of starting a free blog to avoid much loss of your traffic and subscribers.


Many like starting a blog just to share something to others and they are not prepared for serious blogging.  They need not plan much.  They can start just using a free blogging platform.

Whereas, if anyone likes to earn through is blog, he should have plenty of knowledge in his niche, ie, topic and regular investments. Only 4-5% of the bloggers who do blogging perfectly, are earning through their blogs. Other blogs are running under loss.  Therefore, only if you take the blogging seriously and ensure that you have sound knowledge, patience to wait for years to make profits, knowledge to protect the site from online threats, etc., start blogging.  Otherwise, start with Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc to express your views.

Read all the secrets of STARTING A BLOG one by one.

Wish you happy blogging.

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