What to do if speaking truth is doubted by others?

What to do if speaking truth is doubted by others?

A follower (Name hidden) asked like this:

“when we speak true about something or someone why other people seeing us like we done something wrong or crime & why truth not acceptable. Why we paid for speaking true. How to manage this things with family or job or frnds.”


Truth is always doubted in the initial stage because it may not be attractive, but, it triumphs at the end.

Falsehood is always attractive in the beginning and hence is praised, but, ends in miseries.

This is the truth behind being truthful in life.

Gandhiji decided to speak only truth, but, initially he was disrespected by the authorities. He was even unboarded from train once and jailed many times that we all know. Later, he was in the history and became the leader of the people of India. Only because of his truthfulness, he is respected even by the western countries, particularly the British who were ruling our country. Though he was jailed, the British government treated him with all honour only because of his truthfulness.

Sudhama was Krishna’s dear friend. He even hesitated to speak truth of his poverty when he met Krishna to be truthful to the friendship. But, he was rewarded with all the wealth and comforts by Krishna directly.

Pandavas did not have deceptive way of life and hence they were directly saved by Krishna at the end, whereas Duryodhana was deceptive to Pandavas and hence was defeated at the end.

If you need a local example, our media is the best example. When I started this preaching service without any bad intention in the year 2011, I received some accusations for customizing the standard preaching according different stages of people, just to gain fame. But, when this service continued without even a single dollar/ rupee revenue for 7 years that involved enormous time and efforts, the people understood that a media service can’t function without revenues for 7 years consistently if the runner does not have good intention and truthfulness. That is why, our media became popular and now respected as an authoritative source to get customized tips for every type or stage of people and our media have been rated at 4.8 to 4.9 out of 5 stars continuously for the past 8 years. A report analysis said that many visitors are eagerly searching and reading all the 8 years’ contents of our media. Just to make this search easier and to have a permanent house for our contents to insulate them from deletions by free media, we started our own sites that can be searched and read whetever topic the visitor wants to read. A private website in a paid platform is a permanent storehouse of contents and will exist until we pay for them and no one can delete them for any reasons as in free media.

Thus, truth always succeeds at the end though it faces storm in the beginning.

There is no evidence in the history that the truthful activities ended in the failure. However, the people who wants to be cheated will always trust the deceitful people and regret later. Just because those people also exist, we can’t think that the path of truth is the path of failure.

We should see the end result only. The truthful approach in our life will be highly respected.

There are thousands of newspapers in India. But, an English Newspaper having its origin in Chennai more than 100 years ago is respected as a honorable and trustworthy newspaper by the people because they do not publish gossips, unverified hot news, glamorous pictures, contents, etc. It may be the third largest newspaper, but, in the trustworthiness, it stands number one in India.

Thus, following a regulated and genuine path will always be respected by the people.

As said by you, in our families, even many parents like their children to earn more by following any means. They teach how to earn, but, not how to lead a truthful life. This is the decline in the principles of human life in the present commercial world. That is why, the people are becoming more restless, tasteless in their life. Many have more money and comforts, but, somehow they are lacking in the real happiness. That is why, there is a huge crowd in hospitals, psycho treatment centers, huge increase in suicides, divorces, etc.

If the people are really happy, why should they divorce? Why should they rush to the hospitals and courts for disputes? Why there are strikes even when the salaries have increased many folds?

This shows that we are living in a falsely structured life. We are building hgh buildings with the weak basements, ie, we are living for earning only sacrificing the principles.

You need not feel inferior just because others do not understand your genuine way of life. When I decided to lead a simplest possible life, many considered me as not brilliant.  But, after decades, when they are struggling with more and more problems in life, they tell me that I am fortunate to have restricted my needs because I am stable even during the price hikes.  If we live with the basic needs only, we will have less or no disappointments.

So, go ahead with your truthful way of life. Let others speak whetever they want based on their present level of immatured consciousness. When they face challenges in life, they will understand you and accept your way of life.

Time will make everything possible.

Wait till that and march on your path of truthfulness. Everything will be fine.

Hope you are clear now.

Author: RAJAN

Having a long observation and association with all sections of people for decades, Rajan is promoting online media in different platforms including this blog website to guide lakhs of regular followers to prevent and solve their problems. He gives complete Counsellings and Tips on Medical, Health, Psychological, Women safety, Child safety, Issues in Family Relations, Love, Marriage, Personal life, etc.! His services have helped thousands of people to come out of negative thoughts and to change their way of approaching the problems in their life and hence he is considered as their trusted FRIEND to share the problems and get them counselled. He is also well known to follow strict confidentiality in his counselling services.

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