How Can a Transgender live peacefully in this world?

How Can a Transgender live peacefully in this world?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“I have been practicing devotional service since 2004, chanting & reading almost all SP books & serving 10 yrs in temple. But I disclose now to you a terrible tragedy of my life. (Pl. hide my name since it is very confidential personal problem). The lord has given me very complicated gross & subtle body. Actually my gross body is of male while subtle body is of woman. All my nature, feeling, thoughts & desires are that of woman. You can imagine how my life must be terrible curse. I have to live & deal with male devotees but i can’t avoid inevitable sex attraction which has spoiled my entire spiritual life. I have no attraction for women at all. So neither i can marry a girl nor a boy (coz which boy can marry with me having man’s body? & how any iskcon community can accept that?) 10 yrs ago, I tried for joining bramchari ashram but before joining I honestly told the president my problem. He denied me & even they told me to leave temple residence. But they allowed me visit &render service in temple so I continued practice of devotional service while living outside. My family is not devotees family but they are cooperating. But till now I have never told them my reality. Financial conditions also not well but somehow managing. On top of that, I had strong attachment for a devotee boy out of natural love as girl has for a boy. First we were actually friends helping each other in kc but due to my nature I developed strong attachment for him &took shelter in him. But it was impossible bcoz I had to tell him one day all reality. He was shocked but sympathetic to me which gave me hope. But over the yrs it’s hopeless bcoz although as a girl I naturally want shelter of husband, due to social & iskcon conventions he rejected my request altogether. I can understand it not possible for him but because of my strong attachment for him I have been passing through tremendous mental agony &pains. And now I have left temple also for that.  Nothing in my hands. Just helpless. I have been desperately praying since last so many yrs & chanting & taking shelter of Lord. I am now all alone suffering. I know it is my past life karmas & I have not yet given up my chanting but my confidence in process has been hurt. So discouraged but not lost faith in Krishna . I know He is purifying me but still not finding ways of future life.. What to do & how to lead life.. A great question everyday. Local astrologer described same fate by seeing my kundali. Please give me some positive hopeful suggestions. I would be grateful to you forever. Your servant..”


If we see this in material angle, this is really pathetic. No doubt. These are the symptoms of a transgender.  But, only if you allow your feelings to dominate you, being a transgender will disturb you.

But, in spiritual angle, you are gifted to follow devotion very seriously.


Read what I say further:

Being a transgender, ie, a boy but having the feelings of girl or vice versa is just the game of genes or mistake in the genetic arrangement and the imbalance in the secretion of male and female harmones.

I should advise you boldly because it is my nature not to hide the facts for any reason.

My first and foremost advice is:


Practice from today for this state!

Hereafter, you can live with male body and female feelings even without telling outside to anyone.

How can a person remain unmarried for ever?

Why? Why can’t?

(Read Here to know whether one can remain unmarried for ever)

Do you know about 3-5% of the world population is now avoid marriage?

Yes, it is true.

Only if you marry, you should bother about feelings – whether it is male feeling or female feeling.


Only because you are bothered about the society, you worry for body related problems.

If you skip marriage and avoid physical relations, how can others know that you have a trans body?

Only because you have MATERIAL FEELINGS for material love or material pleasures, you bother about whether others will find out.


Even the feelings between a male and female fails now a days in many cases.

Why are you bothered about such nonsense feelings?



Since you are attached to Krishna also, stop attachments with males or females (whatever it may be) and focus all your feelings towards Krishna.

Gender is not a barrier to love Krishna.  Even Arjuna lived as trans for one year and remained the friend for Krishna.

Boy having girl’s feelings and vice versa is only for materialistic people.

Being a transgender is just a material status.

This is related to body and mind only.

Both the body and mind are material.

Soul, ie, athma is not related to any gender.  It is neutral.

So, stand on athma hereafter.

Cultivate your athma.  Train your athma to think only Krishna.

Just keep on chanting His holy names and get peace.

How can a person remain unmarried for ever?

What will you do if you are a perfect male or female but your horoscope says that you have no marriage?

Such boys or girls will also have to remain unmarried for ever.

Think like that.

Avoid marriage.  Avoid thinking of people in material angle.

See others as the products of God, ie, Krishna.

See Krishna in everything and everyone.

Do not read the lilas of Krishna.  Instead, read the Bhagavad Gita as much as possible.  Read the life histories of great saints and spiritual personalities.

Remain in male’s body.  If you have girl like bhawa or feelings, use those feelings to love Krishna alone.

He will fill your athma with His mercy and blessings.

Don’t be a boy or girl.

Be a devotee servant of Krishna.

If others ask why you remain unmarried, tell them that you are not interested in marriage life and you like to devote your life for Krishna.

Don’t bother though they pressurize or accuse you.

This is your life.

Live for Krishna alone.

Forget your internal gender.  Hereafter, you are a devotee of Krishna.  This is your gender.

For the outer world, you are a male. Not a transgender.

Do not talk much to others to expose yourself.  Be a reserved person who concentrate only in Krishna.

This is like a saint like status.

You will find eternal peace in this kind of life.

Gender issue will not disturb you hereafter.

We, the followers of this site will pray for you and your success in making your gender as Krishna’s servant.

All the best.

(I, a boy, have the thoughts similar to a girl. What to do? Read the problems of a boy and the reply in THIS PAGE! )

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