I, a boy, have the thoughts similar to a girl. What to do?

I, a boy, have the thoughts similar to a girl. What to do?

A male devotee:

“I’m a guy and always have the thoughts of being a girl ..is that because of karma? What should I do to be a straight guy ? I’m chanting but still no positive results ..I’m having the dreams of having a girl..and please don’t reveal my name to anyone”


During the age of puberty or between 12-18, there will be harmonal changes in our body.

Every boy will think of girls more and vice versa.

This is natural.

In the God’s creations, both male harmone testosterone and female harmone Estrogen are present in both the boys and girls.

In males, testosterone will be dominated, ie, more.

In females, estrogen will be dominated, ie, more.

In some cases, the domination ratio may differ.  Therefore, a male may have the feelings like the girls and the female may have the feelings like boys.

If these thoughts just come and go, it is natural and nothing to worry.

In case such thoughts are associated with the bodily changes (like females) also, he has to meet a doctor.

For example, until the male related functions are normal is present, it is just a psychological domination.

In case the above factor is absent, he has to meet a doctor.

In case you speak, walk and behave with the mannerisms like a girl, you need to meet a specialist counsellor who will correct this.

However, you absolutely show mannerisms like a boy and just have thoughts like girls, it is just a psychological domination of feminine thoughts.

Why these thoughts come?

Because of the excessive awareness about the systems of male and female reproduction and anatomy.

In earlier days, when the media was not this much existing, these diversified thoughts were less.

Males usually thought of dominating a girl and vice versa.  This is the natural relation.

Because of the increasing awareness through the media, now a days, the boys and girls have the opportunity or pressure to think differently about their orientations.

These excessive awareness about ALL THE POSSIBILITIES make a person think in different ways.

Hence such reverse domination cases like you.

If there is no lack of male related functions, this issue can be easily corrected through intensified counselling by a counsellor.

Or, if you stop thinking in different angles about these male-female matters, you yourself can curtail such diversified thoughts.

You may have good male friends in your school or college or locality.

Spend more time with them and try to avoid excessively watching the girls and their anatomical aspects.

Every male has some percentage of feminine nature and vice versa.  This is natural. In some cases, the percentage may be more. Hence these dominated thoughts of thinking like girls in many cases.

In my school, I had a classmate who spoke with the mannerisms like a girl and even worn ear buds. He would like to speak mostly to girls in the class about cooking, dressings, etc.  The same boy later married and gave birth to a boy child.

Thus, all such orientations are not serious.  Majority are natural.  Only in rare cases, it happens to be the case of the third gender.

Therefore, If you have all the physical symptoms of a boy normally, but, just have thoughts like being a girl, follow my above tips by having more association with the boys.  Also read the books related to male anatomy and behaviour.  See male dominated sports like boxing, cricket, etc.   This may help you to think like boys.  If you read so many articles about this in media, you will get seriously confused.  So, directly consult a doctor to get a customized analysis and correction.

Also read this article to know how the women should safeguard their privacy without compromises.

Above all, stop thinking of these orientations and sincerely concentrate in devotion.  Think of going with the natural way of life in which a male dominates a female and vice versa.

By practicing like this for a year or two, see whether if you are able to think of males more.  If so, then, go with the regular system of marriage and marry a girl and lead a normal life.

If these symptoms of males do not exist, please consult a doctor specialized in these things and get his advice.

There are harmone treatments to correct any harmonal imbalances.  This ‘dominated thoughts’ issue can be corrected just through harmonal treatments.  Don’t worry.

Do not think negatively about yourself and believe that you can be a normal guy if you change your psychology like a male.

All the best.

Author: RAJAN

Having a long observation and association with all sections of people for decades, Rajan is promoting online media in different platforms including this blog website to guide lakhs of regular followers to prevent and solve their problems. He gives complete Counsellings and Tips on Medical, Health, Psychological, Women safety, Child safety, Issues in Family Relations, Love, Marriage, Personal life, etc.! His services have helped thousands of people to come out of negative thoughts and to change their way of approaching the problems in their life and hence he is considered as their trusted FRIEND to share the problems and get them counselled. He is also well known to follow strict confidentiality in his counselling services.

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