What is a Child theme? How to add a child theme for wordpress blog?

What is a Child theme? How to add a child theme for wordpress blog?

Once you install wordpress in your hosting account, the first thing you should do is to add a theme for your blog.  We have already seen the basics of creating a wordpress blog.

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You can use the installed theme itself for customization. But, the customization need not be done in the parent theme and you can perform all your modifications in the child theme.  The parent theme is always available in its original format for updates. So, it is good to use a child theme of the original theme.

It is an add-on theme for your installed WordPress theme and a it inherits the functionality and styling of the installed theme, called the parent theme. They are are recommended to modify existing themes while still maintaining their design and code.


First you should install a theme of your choice to your wordpress blog.

Next, bring the cursor near PLUGINS in the wordpress dashboard. Select ADD NEW in the pop up window.

You will be taken to the Plugins page. Search for a plugin “CHILD THEME CONFIGURATOR” in the search box provided.

Find the theme in the list probably as the first theme. Click on INSTALL.

After the plugin gets installed, click ACTIVATE. 

Now, the plugin has been added and activated.

At the left side of the dashboard, bring the cursor near TOOLS. Find CHILD THEMES in the list of tools. Click on it.

You will be taken to the SETTINGS page of the plugin. You need not make all the settings options. Just two tabs are to be set for the basic usage.


(1) The first Tab will be PARENT/ CHILD. 

In the “SELECT AN ACTION”, select the option CREATE A CHILD THEME.

Next, you have to select the name of the theme for which you need to create a child theme.

For example, If you had installed “twenty sixteen” theme, select it from the available list, in case you had installed more than one theme.

If you wish, you can also analyze the chosen theme for any issues that may prevent making a child theme. However, this need not be necessary and you can directly go to CREATE A CHILD THEME.

In the same tab, next, see the option of Select where to save new styles. There, select the option of “Primary Stylesheet (style.css)”

If you wish, you may also Customize the Name, Description, Author, Version, etc under this tab. But it is not necessary.

After making these few settings, Click the button to run the Configurator.

After that you have to import the files from the parent themes to your child theme. This can be done in the next step.

(2) Next, jump to the FILES Tab.

Copy the PHP template files from the parent theme by checking all the boxes with a tick and clicking “Copy Selected to Child Theme” . Immediately, the templates will be added to the child theme directory.

That is it. No need for any other settings initially.

Now the child theme is ready to use.

Now, go the the left side of the screen. Bring the cursor near APPEARANCE. Find THEMES and click on it.

Now, the screen will show the CREATED THEME created by the plugin. Click on the ACTIVATE button.

Now, you have added your child theme to your wordpress blog.

Next, you are free to make changes in the styles of your child theme using css.

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