If a teacher misbehaves with a girl student, how should she react?

If a teacher misbehaves with a girl student, how should she react?

Qn. In detail:

I don’t know from where do I start but this is the time I feel like suffocated, I can’t see any way I am totally lost…I am a student of …… (School)…… n I am  …..(teen)……. years old…I do love someone and he is my teacher and he is (middle age) years old. He approached me and I didn’t deny but I didn’t knew that he is approaching me only for my body.. I started meeting him talking to him..n became very much close to him..he didn’t but I him got serious for him. I fell in love with him though he said that love is nothing n don’t except love kind of things from me…whenever I met him he always tried to behave wrongly with me ..he forced me, he tried to convince me in every way by emotionally by anger by everything but I refused because I don’t want to this before marriage but I do love him n that’s why I am becoming weak…few days back I met him and he did the same but I refused and now he has changed a lot…he never messages me until and unless I do he never asks to meet. he always says that he is busy and I think there is someone else in his life but still I am scared to lose him. I always feel anxious. threatened that what if he will go somewhere else to fulfill his needs…I am totally distracted I can’t concentrate on my studies I cry a lot ..its killing me inside I always think about him only I have lost myself. Though I know he don’t love me he only wants me to fulfill his physical needs, still I think about him, I love him and this thing is taking my happiness..I am not happy. please help me ..guide me what should I do …I want to get rid of my anxiousness, my tension my frustration bcoz its killing me day by day. I just want to be happy…sometimes I feel that I should give him what he wants, may b then he will love me…but my soul doesn’t allow me to do so…and now I want to move on I want to be relax and happy but I don’t know what to do which is the right way please help me… Radhey Krishna


You seem to be an ignorant girl who is dominated with sense disturbances that us natural in this adolescent age.

What are you talking?

He has clearly said that he wants your body only and he is not interested in love.

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You tell me that he will go somewhere if you do not give your body to him.

What kind of weak mind you have!

Only because some girls feel pity for a person who is longing for bodies, such  guys are spoiling the lives of many.

Just keep this in mind:

If you give your body to him, he will say good bye to you after using you as much as possible.

He may speak sweetly.

He may look gorgeous.

He may be a talented teacher.

But, he is a rascal N0-1.

He is a cheat.

It is the good karma of your parents and your ancestors that you have not yet given your body to him.

How can a teacher have bad intentions with his student? A teacher should consider his students like his children.

Why do you still respect him?

How can you feel pity on a guy who is expecting your body now and says that he is not willing to love you?

Why are you keeping your mind so weak?


Don’t you know a girl should be like fire and intelligent in studying the mind of these guys?

I became very angry after reading your message.

The girls should be like fire that no guy should dare to speak of or expect lust from her.

What are you doing?

He stopped talking to you because you yourself will come to him and give yourself in a feeling of missing him.


Your thoughts show that you are standing on the edge of the knife. It will cut your feet without doubts.

If you are an intelligent girl, you should not have loved a teacher who is 18 years elder to you.

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Or, atleast, you should have parted him when he refused to love you and demanded your body.

Or, atleast you should have felt relieved when he stopped talking to him.

But, you have gone to him with pity.

A girl can give money to the needy.  She can give her books to study to a poor student.

Can a girl give her body for a rascal who needs only bodies, not heart and family?

Why do you still have pity on him?

Manliness means protecting the dignity of women.  Not exploiting many women. 

This pains me because, I have so far counselled hundreds of girls with such disturbances for many years. Since they approach me with full and blind faith, I consider all of them as my children or sisters depending on their ages and guide them like guiding my own children or sisters.

A teacher or preacher should consider his students as children or sisters. Otherwise, he can not be a good teacher/ preacher. A teacher should be like a sanyasi when guiding his students.

He is not a man. He is a Rascal.


Who knows how many girls have been affected by him so far in his teaching profession! You may not know, he may be secretly having affairs with many girls without your knowledge.

He is a danger to this society.

If a teacher misbehaves with a girl student, he must be jailed, not to be shown pity like you show.

Therefore, if you are a true follower of my writings, stop all the contacts with him from this moment without hesitation.

This will save you from a great disaster later.

Believe my words, he is not a good person.  He will use and run silently and start picking up another girl from the class.

I have told this in many places:  If a girl shows and gives her body to a boy/ man, that means, it is the end of her relationship with him. Once a boy knows all your hidden secrets and has got enjoyment from her, he will never marry her because he has known all about her.

This is my conclusion to you:

If you do not stop all the contacts with him and take him out of your heart, you will suffer without mental peace in future and it may affect your future life too.

Save yourself from him.

Hope these advices are helpful to decide if a teacher misbehaves with a girl student.

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