Upset for Failing to get desired course of study? Read these Tips!

Upset for Failing to get desired course of study? Read these Tips!

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krsna Prabhu! Prabhuji, actually I took a drop and still couldn’t do well in the exams. I studied for two years with an institution called …………….., there the teaching was very bad but I didn’t understand that until I gave the exam last year. Then this year I tried for online classes at ……………. but the exam was preponed and couldn’t get time for prep. I also made mistakes during preparation. I gave Bitsat and scored 173 which was above last year’s cut-off for about 4 branches. But this year something happened and the cut-off didn’t fall below 200. I ended up in BIT Mesra with Chemical Engineering. During my school years, I was like God-Gifted in computer science. Now I have to like to do computer science on the side or something like that. I also had plans to open a business for myself. Last year, I scored 183 in Bits Pilani (Bitsat exam). I didn’t sit for counselling with the thought that this year I will do better and get into Computer Science but ended up like this. I could have gotten into Pilani last year.

Now I feel useless, like good for nothing. For two years, I stopped things, there are people who enjoyed life and studied and got into IIT. I tried my best and failed. I don’t even know what to ask you…I am down and demotivated. I lost one year, and I am like this completely useless person. Everyone had like really high expectations from me…as I scored around 96% in ISC

My parents told me to go to private colleges. I denied it because students there end up getting less salary and on the more, they don’t have a good peer group for studies.

Also, Prabhuji…I had a rough childhood (emotionally rough). My parents gave me everything but there was no emotional peace in my home. In 2020. there was a huge fight among my parents and they were like divorce threats…I used to wake up to fights. I am not blaming them for this but wanted to tell you about another problem which I will write about in the next paragraph.

In the drop year, I found ………..Prabhu from ISKCON …………… He has the same emotional nature as me and he told me that I should go for counselling. I agreed because by that time I had come to know myself through videos on Hare Krsna Tv that I had patterns which needed counselling.

I thought I will go for counselling in college, but BIT Mesra doesn’t have that. I feel like I am stuck in the middle of nowhere.

I feel like I am failing everywhere and I am proceeding towards a doom. My friends seem happy and I feel unfortunate.”


Getting upset for Failing to get desired course of study is a case of mind fixing.

When we expect only positive outcome in all our efforts, we will get affected by disappointments when we get negative results.

Nothing is negative in this world.

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Every route has its own merits and benefits. We should identify and use them.

You have been thinking that only IITians are flourishing in this world and if you miss IIT, the life becomes dark.

It is not so.

You should have atleast three choices to try in studies and career.

Who knows, the God may have a better and big plan for you. If you set a different goal, it may end in failure.  So, identify your other choices and try.

Having only one goal may make you disappointed.

There are only a few thousand seats in popular courses in popular IITs. Since many lakhs of students compete for those courses, we can’t expect that all those who try for IIT will get into it.

This world is wide and there are so many opportunities to choose and shine.

Why should you restrict your world to IIT alone?

There are hundreds of business persons earn in billions in India even without crossing the U.G education.

Education should not be done with tension. Just study a course, score well and get the suitable course of higher studies having 3 or 4 goals.

This will keep you alays satisfied in what you get in life.

Of course, the salary differences may be there, but, you can still shine well in life by doing other courses.


You have misses other good courses that you got in the past aiming only for a course in a particular IIT.

This is waste of time.

Try for one year or two years. Then switch for some other courses.

When you have karma to do something else, trying only for IIT may go waste.

So, have choices in studies and career.

This will reduce your disappointments.

And, failures are not actually failures; They are experiences to learn more and more in life.

So, instead of feeling upset for Failing to get desired course, try for any next level alternate course and do. Improve your employability skills. Shine in life.

Just put your sincere efforts. Then, take the happenings of life as it is.

Best of luck.

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Author: RAJAN

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