Is Caste Based Reservation right? Why others accuse brahmins?

Is Caste Based Reservation right? Why others accuse brahmins?

A Girl follower (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Ur posts are very encouraging n inspiring…I have a few doubts kindly clear
1. These days there is a great buzz going between general and caste based reservations like SC, ST, etc…….krsna also mentions about it in bhagvad gita ….but i m not able to understand… called other castes hate n blame higher class people especially Brahmin why is it so….wht are history books say is it the truth


I am also brahmana by birth. However, I always give balanced views in any topic. Hence these details:

Of course, we get a birth in a brahmin family because of our following of good austerities in previous births. We lived a pious life fearing to commit offenses and we wanted to learn Vedic secrets and messages of God in our previous birth.


Based on that desire, as per our karma network’s systems, we were given birth in a brahmana family so that we can learn Vedic secrets and God’s messages easily.

The birth as a brahmana has many responsibilities. The kshatriyas (kings, Presidents, prime ministers, etc) have to protect the people from the enemies. Whereas, the brahmanas should protect the people from following the prohibited path by preaching them about the messages of God and the scriptures.

So, Brahmanas have been given a very very important responsibility to guide the entire society to follow dharma. At the same time, if a Brahmana commits a crime, the punishment given to him will be 1000 times more compared to other sections of people. This shows that the Brahmanas should definitely avoid sinful and offensive acts.

The Brahmanas were given a major responsibility of guiding the entire society INCLUDING THE RULERS.

When kaliyuga started, some of them started to develop pride that they are superior to others. They started to suppress other communities and kept them away from their interaction. They did not even touch the money given by a non-brahmana and they first cleaned that money with water and then took.


The so called lower sections of people were compelled to remove their shoes when they enter the streets in which higher sections of the people lived. They were not allowed to collect water from the wells from which the higher sections of people collected water. The lower sections were denied their right to lead a dignified life.

That is why Lord Buddha came and denied the Vedas. There were no problems with the Vedas, but, the problem was with those brahmanas who preached vedas. So, Buddha denied Vedas and supported lower sections of people to lead a dignified life.

After Buddha, after a few centuries, situation worsened again. Even till the start of the  century, this suppression continued and even now, in some places, it continues to some extent.

That is why, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar who prepared the constitution of India, suggested that these suppressed people can be given some reservation till the situation improves. This is continued till now.

Because of this reservation, many suppressed communities have got opportunities to get good education and government jobs.

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Now a days, this suppression has come down and the community based differences have come down, compared to the situation 100 years ago.

So, the time may come in the next 10-15 years to stop such reservations because next generation of the benefited generation would have come.

You may ask: Won’t this Caste Based Reservation be against the innocent higher class people?

Of course. I too was affected because of this reservation as I have been included in O.C, ie, Open competition that denied me many Govt jobs.

However, as a balanced thinker, we, the brahmanas and higher communities have struggled for the past few decades because of reservation that is to be seen. We suppressed others and hence we are suppressed now as per karma network’s rules.

However, we have to take this gracefully because those people were denied even their dignity & Self respect for many centuries. Let them enjoy the benefits now. The higher sections can fight in open competition and private sector. There is no reservation in the private sector. So, it is open to all.


So, let us not cry thinking of reservations. This world is wide and the God has made all the arrangements for every person when He sent him to this earth. So, everyone of us will get a way to live. Find it out and shine in that field.

We suppressed them in the past. Now, they accuse us. World is a globe. Those who are on the top will come to the bottom one day and vice versa.

However, these caste based reservation affect even the genuine students and job seekers. Since one generation have benefitted and have come up in life, the Caste based Reservation should be stopped as early as possible.  All the students should be given their due right and dignity.

These inequalities will always continue throughout this kaliyuga. Someone will suppress someone. Kaliyuga is the yuga of quarrels.

Atlease we should live without suppressing others. On seeing our broad minded activities, atleast 10 people will correct themselves.

Hope you are clear about the Caste Based Reservation.

Author: RAJAN

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