Avoiding Scary Dreams! Simple & Spiritual Tips to get rid of it!

Avoiding Scary Dreams! Simple & Spiritual Tips to get rid of it!

A male devotee of Krishna asked like this (Name hidden):

“………..I’m studying grade 12 and I’m practicing Krishna consciousness for past 1 year and I will chant 8-6 rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra daily, early when I was studying 7th, I used to chant 16 rounds. But due to my studies I reduced my rounds as I read in your posts . For about 2-3 weeks I was much worried about my studies and board exams and got stressed and frustrated, so I started getting nightmares in the night, I used to sleep for 4 hours or 5 hours a day to cope up the time to study as well as chant .Yesterday night when i slept at 10.48pm i got a different kind of dream or out of body experience i don’t know what it is. It was that I’m lying in the bed in sleeping pose and I’m trying to move my legs and hands but I cannot move anything and it was like I cannot control my body. Then I became frightened and thought of shouting Govinda! Govinda! to get rid of this problem ,then I found that I cannot speak, but I can think the name Govinda, totally I felt that I’m out of control of my body.Then I woke up taking a breath and I was frightened when it was 11.08 pm. Then I prayed to Narasimha dev and Krishna and slept. Prabhu, please help me what should I do to get rid of nightmares and such types of experiences as my parents are non-devotees you are the one who can help me .if u want you can show my name in the website. I’m eagerly waiting for the reply. Hare Krishna!”


This is nothing but regular dream only and you need not worry about it.

And, Avoiding Scary Dreams is not difficult and it needs just mind and life style changes.

There are rules for real life driven by the mind, but there are no controlling rules for the dreams that come out of sub conscious mind.

Those who have weak or disturbed moon in their horoscope may dream more.


If one’s Mars is also weak, he too may dream more because he may have less courage and boldness.

If any negative planet like Rahu connects with the moon, that too may give typical dreams.

If one has weak moon but strong Venus and mars, they may dream enjoying the pleasures.

The tone of your message shows that you have the fear for consequences for sinning or violating.

Those who have strong moon and mars may have strong mind and courage and hence may have more mind controlling power.

Those who have weak moon and mars may have some kind of complex and they feel insecurity in life.

This feeling of insecurity may cause dreams.

Feeling of fear may cause dreams.

Feeling of pleasure may cause dreams.

Feeling of tension and restlessness may cause dreams.

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Everything is related to some kind of FEELING.

You reduced chanting to study more.

You might have feared for consequences as if you may be punished for having reduced the chanting for studying more.

You yourself have said that you were stressed and frustrated because of board exams.

This stress and frustration might also have caused dreams.

Dreams mostly do not come when we are in deep sleep. They come only when we are on insufficient sleep.

As said by yourself, your disturbed mind has given such scary dreams.

More disturbance – more scary dreams.

So, there is only one solution for this:

Stop thinking too much.

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Be practical in life. Accept the situation as it is.

See both positives and negatives with a balanced mind. Don’t get disturbed.

Plan your schedules and priorities well to avoid stres and tension.

Finish dinner 90 minutes or two hours before going to bed.

Stop thinking on bed.

Just before going to bed, think of God, ie, Krishna and Chant atleast one or a few rounds before going to bed.

Keep your mind filled with Krishna while being on bed.

Embrace the sleep with a clear mind filled with Krishna.

If any thought of any problem comes, think that we will think of it tomorrow, not now as this is the time for giving rest to our body to prepare it for the next day’s works.

Now, you can have sound and deep sleep without SCARY dreams.

No other way.

Hope you are clear about Avoiding Scary Dreams!


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